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The Free Uganda Political Organisation, strongly condemns the endemic xenophobia against African nationals, that has become an ideology in South Africa. Its not the first time xenophobic attacks on Africans is taking place.

The murder, displacement and maiming of hardworking Africans, should not be used as an excuse to address the failures of the capitalistic system of the South African government.
But the people should hold responsible, the Corrupt African National Congress government, that has failed to address the inequalities and poverty of its indigenous people..

Xenophobia Against Africans

The endemic corruption practised by the ANC functionaries, is the main cause of the inequality in South Africa, and not the migrant workers.

We also condemn dictator Yoweri Museveni that is addicted to self importance and photo opportunities, for having proudly flown to South Africa to attend the phoney World Economic Forum on Africa.
How can you have a successful African economy, when a section of Africans are killed and locked away in safe houses because they look different???

A true Pan African, would have shown solidarity with the African victims of Xenophobia and boycotted that bogus Forum.

In solidarity with victims of xenophobia,We call upon Africans to boycott South African Businesses and Products.

Down with Xenophobia!!

Long Live Africa!

Joram Jojo