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    BAKONJO Are Being Killed Like Goats By UPDF Soldiers In Different Parts Of Kasese District. Affected Areas Were UPDF And Uganda Police Reached And Killing Unarmed Citizens Are. Kasese Municipality. Maliba. Bwera. Kisinga Town Council And Kagando Centre.

    On Another Note. A Uganda Police Vehicle Number UP2958 Was Burnt By Desperately Kasese Residents Who Have Been Attacked By Government Forces For No Good Reasons.


    My husband has been receiving threatening messages on his phone- Maama Fina
    I informed the authorities but nothing was done.
    I bring you an eyewitness account. of how events happened.

    The late major Kiggundu has been receiving threatening messages on his phone according to one of his widows famed traditional healer Maama Fina. She says he’s been receiving these messages on an almost daily basis and most of them had a similar body saying, “Kiggundu you have become a threat to us we will show you what we are made of stand warned.” She told the same to president Museveni when he called her this morning as she engaged the police and the army that had refused to remove her late husbands body from the roadside. According to an eye witness who prefered anonymity, the assailants were travelling on a motorbike. They were all adorned in black jackets carrying AK47 guns. “Those killers were professionals because they first shot at the car as it moved but on seeing that it had failed to stop, they then shot the left hind tyre as one of the killers bikes overtook which made the car fall into a trench by the roadside. One of the men inside the car (Major Kiggundu) jumped out and got down on his knees pleading with the killers to spare his life, “munsonyiwe sirina musango bambi” (please forgive me I am innocent) but the killers would have none of that and shot him several times in fact over forty times. His bodyguard seargeant Steven Mukasa was already dead. ” he said. Soon after they jumped onto their bikes and sped off still firing bullets in the sky. They were shouting at the people saying “muveyo muveyo” (move move). We were too scared to come out. We didnt even see the number plates of the motorbikes. It was around 7am and as you know people were so few unlike now as you see them”. Major Kiggundu was at one time a member of the Ugandan rebel group Adf who was given amnesty when he surrendered and gave up rebel activities. He at one time requested for protection from the government but his request was yet to be granted. He is survived by three widows including a Somali woman and several children. At the time of his death, he was heading to pearl FM a Muslim owned radio station for a radio programme. The situation in Masanafu is still tense as the army and police patrol the area.
    I will keep you updated.


    Maj. Kiggundu led the group of former ADF rebels that were granted amnesty by government and represented them at all levels. He went a head and swindled all the financial assistance provided by government to rehabilitate the former rebels and start new lives.
    He further blocked all those former rebels from direct contact with the president and made sure no one access the President’s office.
    The president constructed houses for the former rebels as per the agreement but Kiggundu went ahead and sold them or personalised them.

    It is Maj. Kiggundu who provided false intelligence on the Muslim clerics and associated them with Al-shabab and other terrorist organisations to CMI in order to remain relevant in the ranks.
    He used to recruit young men and women into rebel activities and at the same time report them to the security agencies.


    Before Sheikh Maj Muhammad kiggundu died ,he told his assassins to forgive him..He said this when he was on his knees “Forgive me,don’t kill me,I have nothing against u,forgive me”…These are the same words the sheikh who was killed on entebbe road stated .why?.Who is killing these sheiks?.

    These sheikhs recruited Muslims into jihad and deployed them in ADF to topple M7.After these sheikhs joined M7 and all MUJAHIDEENS were left at large in mountains and in surbubs. The sheikh went ahead to give details to the government regarding who is who is ADF.

    These boys were already jihadists and determined to die in line of fighting for Allah to topple M7…THEy think all these sheikhs betrayed them and betrayed the Army of Allah .They feel these sheikhs betrayed the MUJAHIDEENS.

    I think it’s these Mujahideens killing the sheikhs who recruited and later betrayed them.



    The Museveni regime’s policy of destroying education so as to reign over an ignorant society that is not able to challenge the general mismanagement of the country is becoming more exposed by the day.

    It has always targeted lower schools and their curriculum in order to inculcate its communist/socialist ideologies through the imposition of Patriotism Clubs, Kiswahili and most recently Chinese languages in its efforts to undermine the English language which is the key to globalisation.

    Consequently, the quality of education in Uganda has deteriorated to unprecedented levels.

    Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) have proven to be big failures.

    To a big extent, quality education is a privilege for the few and only provided by private schools which are very expensive for the majority poor people.

    In order to boost his sinister scheme of destroying education, he recently appointed his wife as the Minister of Education whose first casualties have been the closure of Makerere University and Bridge International Academy schools.

    It started in 2005, Bridge International Academy (BIA) is a USA based NGO funded by World Bank, UK Department of International Development, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Zuckberg and other high profile backers.

    It offers cheep, standardized, technology driven education in developing countries of Asia and Africa.

    Under the BIA model, teachers read word-to-word from a tablet computer that also records students’ attendance, performance assessment, tracking the teacher’s arrival and departure and how long they spend on each lesson as well as exempting the time consuming scheming and lesson planing.

    The pupils receive well researched content while the teacher only adds a few explanations during the mandatory one hour per subject.

    From its regional office in Nairobi, Kenya BIA ventured into Uganda in 2015 by establishing its first 17 primary schools in eastern region.

    By the time of its closure last week, BIA had 63 schools spread to other areas of the the country with Wakiso district alone having 10 such schools.

    It had 12,000 students covering Baby Class to Primary Five and employing 800 workers. It had semi-permanent structures for classrooms, offices, kitchen and toilets are made of bricks up to the window level and then the rest of are made of iron sheets which also constitute the roof and a wire-mesh with spaces meant for the windows.

    By comparison, the structures are far better than most of those of the government UPE schools where pupils study from terribly dilapidated buildings, under mango trees, open space and sitting on stones.

    The fee structure of 86,000/= for Baby – Top class, 93,000/= for P1 – P3, 108,500/= for P4 – P5 and an admission fee of 10,000/= had proven affordable for many parents who had lost hope of quality education for their children.

    On top of other incentives, teacher’s children were afforded free education. In the classroom, the teacher is equipped by a hand held tablet computer that helps him to conduct lessons.

    All the schools are connected to a closely-monitored network, through a chain of computers and cameras – all observed in Nairobi. The tablets and smart phones are installed with an application that connects directly with the regional office in Nairobi, Kenya.

    All payments are made through the bank and finances are controlled by management from Nairobi.

    In July 2016, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education wrote to the management of BIA Uganda ordering them to close all their schools citing poor sanitation.

    Management rushed to court seeking an interim order stopping the implementation of that order.

    Around mid August 2016, education Minister Janet Museveni told parliament that government was to close the 63 BIA schools “because they fell short of standards in education, hygiene, and sanitation.”

    She added that the materials used by BIA could not promote teacher-pupil interaction and that the poor hygiene standards were putting the lives and safety of school children in danger.

    Last week the High Court presided over by Patricia Basaaza ruled that all the 63 schools under BIA should close down because of unsanitary learning conditions, used unqualified teachers and were not properly licensed.

    Following the said court ruling, the Ministry of Education officials and the Police moved in to forcefully close the schools.

    Parents and pupils attempted to stage a protest by matching to Parliament to deliver a petition to the Speaker where they were intercepted by the Police.

    The schools have been closed and the fate of the 12,000 students and their poor parents hangs in balance.

    Just yesterday, the Minister of Finance, Maria Kasaija disclosed that BIA schools were closed because they were teaching pornography and content related to lesbianism and homosexuality thus “We could not allow teaching sexual matters in public. Why teach pornography in Bridge schools? This moral decay couldn’t be tolerated.”

    On top of the motives listed above, the proprietors of the expensive private schools who are highly politically connected to the rotten regime were under threat by BIA’s cheap but quality education thus lobbied the regime for the closure.

    However, it needed a ‘crocodile heart’ to take such a decision that affects the poor and their 12,000 children without exhausting all other avenues.


    Museveni’s figurehead Army chief, Gen. Katumba Wamala has once again duped Ugandans by claiming to have ordered an investigation into the gruesome torture of Cpl. Ssebyala by his superiors. Though over the years the army’s excesses against civilians has been highlighted, gross human rights abuses against its own personnel has silently thrived.

    The men and women in uniform live under fear, intimidation, injustice, mental and psychological torture all in the name of discipline. The army court martial is Museveni’s tool of terrorising security personnel and that’s why he has always advocated for civilians to be tried by military court martials. These courts are nothing but a Museveni took of suppressing and subduing soldiers into submission. It for the same reasons that he fears to retire the likes of Gen. Ssejusa whom he feels can only be tamed by the monster court martial.

    In June 2015 while serving in Somalia under AMISOM, Cpl. Ssebyala was accused of having sold Anti-Aircraft ammunitions to the Somali insurgents at US$ 1000. He was gruesomely tortured before being incarcerated at the notorious Makindye Barracks in Kampala. Medical records confirm loss of manhood as a result of physical torture. In August 2016, he sought the intervention of the High Court and in response the army court martial as usual charged him with fresh charges of ‘offences related to security’.

    It was only until The Daily Monitor ran the story of Cpl. Ssebyala’s torture that Gen. Katumba came out to issue empty promises of investigating the matter. As a practice, the army does not like such injustices to get to the public thus it always gets tough on individual soldiers who do so.

    Selling of war materials by soldiers under AMISOM to Somalia insurgents has been a practice. In April 2013 Maj. Frank Kiwero and Capt. Hassan Watumba were arrested over knowingly training Somalia insurgents at the AMISOM training facility at Aljazera in Mogadishu. The two were detained without trial at Makindye barracks in Kampala.

    In July 2014 top regime cadres from Kibuku district petitioned Museveni to release the two army officers in return for their support for his (Museveni) sole candidature. In December 2014 Museveni directed the GCM to set free the two and they were indeed released.

    Though by law serving soldiers are exempted from taking active roles in partisan politics, Maj. Kiweru had been an active regime mobilizer in Kibuku and Palisa region in general. Since his release, the Major has been an active police mobiliser in that region. However, in Somalia more soldiers were accused of selling war materials to insurgent before the Uganda contingent suffered a major attack from the insurgents that left a big number of ‘Acholis’ killed.

    Just last week, Lt. Mware of Military Police petitioned the Uganda Human Rights Commission over physical torture by his juniors on the orders of his Superiors. The incident took place in February 2015 at the Luzira Prison detachment where he had been deployed before being incarcerated at Makindye barracks. He is now walking with the help of clutches. He is suing the Attorney General and the Commanding Officer of the Military Police, Col. Kanyesigye.

    Around the same time, Capt. Trevor Kibuuka of CMI’s Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) went to the High Court seeking an order for his release from the notorious Nalufenya dungeons. On 28th November 2015 he was arrested from Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala when he had gone to follow up on investigations involving illegal sale of arms. He has since then been incarcerated at Nalufenya. The matter of sale of arms and hiring them out to robbers is a sensitive issue because it is a privilege of a few highly connected individuals in the security forces and it accounts for the insecurity in the country.

    It is a common practice for individual intelligence officers to carry out investigations into armed robberies for personal gain and in that process they clash with their colleagues. Capt. Kibuuka must have been of such mission and now that he has gone to the High Court and the press, his military career ruined and is set for a long ordeal of misery.

    In 2014 Capt. J. B. Lutwama who was facing charges of treason in the infamous ‘Kabamba Attack’ was tortured to death by crushing his testicles at Makindye Barracks.

    In the mid 1990s, Col. Samson Mande who is now exiled in Sweden was physically and mentally tortured at Makindye barracks.

    Leave alone the physical torture meted out on Gen. Moses Ali and Col. Ahmed Kashillingi in the late 1980s and 1990s respectively while in detention at Lubiri barracks by Gen. James Kaziini.

    What about Pte Muhindo who was gruesomely tortured by Museveni’s son Gen. Muhoozi just because while driving his (Muhoozi) wife in the potholes, she had bumped her head on the car bonnet and developed headache. The list is endless.



    Since Andrew Mwenda is not halting fire against the opposition yet, let me submit my last piece on this verbal war! Before Mwenda appoints himself to advice the opposition on how to take power from Museveni, let him first offer that advice to his party members (NRM), including historicals who have been waiting in a queue for 30 years to find Museveni’s successor but in vain! It is not a secret that NRM members who have shown or suspected to harbour interests in succeeding M7, have been either side-lined or chewed and spat like bubble gum! Bidandi Ssali, Amama Mbabazi, Gilbert Bukenya, Captain Mike Mukula etc, all tested M7’s wrath. Therefore, one cannot argue that there is no discontent within the party about succession, which would require “Mwenda’s advice”!

    Secondly, Mwenda knows more than anybody else how Uganda’s institutions and resources have become Museveni’s property; with his wife, son, brother, in laws, cousins, nephews blah blah, all holding top government positions and plundering the country. This information was actually revealed to the world by Mwenda himself on 3rd January 2012 http: //
    I hope this is a situation any sensible Ugandan would wish to see reversed including the NRM members. Therefore, Mwenda’s advice to the opposition is misguided. Instead, he should focus on curing the disease within his party rather than playing stooge to the same family he despised.

    Lastly, if Mwenda is open to intellectual discussions, let him not resort to blocking whoever challenges his views, because that proves how dull his arguments are, when presented to the intellectual arena.


    By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, United Kingdom.

    ‘Andrew Mwenda is the master of misdirection. Get the focus on himself, “gay” activities, Besigye and FDC , to stop people from talking about: Kasese massacres, Kanyamunyu, crane bank, increasing sugar prices, Muslim murders, Raid on mosques, the other guy who almost lost his balls to UPDF, e.t.c,and he’s by all means succeeding on all fronts. It’s like he has made a promise to somebody that he could make all this disappear from the front pages.Ugandans have even stopped talking about the rigging that took place in this year’s presidential elections despite Besigye’s pleas that “the election isn’t over”.

    I hate band-wagaon politics. All of a sudden some people are calling for the opposition to strategise again after reading Andrew Mwenda’s latest ‘attack’ on Besigye. Come on people, Besigye is OK as he is. He doesnt need to change into anything else other than becoming the next president of Uganda. I don’t wish him to change into a Mao(likeable but not for muddy politics), a Mbabazi(strategist but not really a politician), an Olara Otunu( diplomat and that’s all he is), Mugisha Muntu( i dont really know that one), and certainly not an Andrew Mwenda( hypocrite).So I think as long as Besigye’s shoes fit and his feet are well covered, that should suffice. At this point I would be far less concerned about color or or style of the shoes, as long he gets the job done.

    Mwenda also has the annoying habit of confusing his opinion with objective fact. In fact, there appears to be a measure of arrogance in some intelligent and highly educated people in Uganda. I don’t mean to generalize this to all, but to some. It is probably easy to feel arrogant when you have such an advantage in education, power connections and high IQ. Some of these arrogant people think they are above the rules of civilized society. I think the Nazi hierarchy is a perfect example. I do remember seeing a documentary on the Nazi hierarchy. In particular the ones being tried at Nuremberg. The majority of these individuals had high IQs. Some like Albert Speer were in the genius category. These so called geniuses helped Hitler make mistakes, just like some of our elites are helping both Museveni and the opposition to make mistakes.

    I’m not a connoisseur of journalism but I could point out that there’s a fundamental constraint on its ability to illuminate issues.Election rigging, for instance, can’t be “investigated” in the same sense that corruption and crime can because most journalists tend to have a side they support during elections. Journalists can let the parties speak for themselves, but that’s about all. When journalists do try to go beyond this, they end up investigating things that make their opponents look bad in the eyes of the public. In this case, Mwenda seems to be portraying Besigye as a bad loser, and this all sounds like music to all those in NRM, a reason one ‘NRM-Hajjati-friend’ has excitedly been sending me all Mwenda’s postings on whatsapp. Similarly,a reporter can investigate the background to the election and help his readers or listeners understand what is really going on.Saying that Besigye accuses Museveni of rigging the 2016 elections while Museveni denies doing so is meaningless to anyone who doesn’t know anything about the rigging culture in Uganda elections since 1980, when Obote rigged DP out, and why it has been generally been the case since 1996 when Ssemogere stood again against Museveni.

    Well, in a better world the audience would realize that Mwenda is ‘feeding’ them ‘poison'(katwa)(as we used it call it in Kibuli S.S), but Uganda isnt a normal country. Even those who witnessed the mess in our elections, and know our history, are now cheering with Mwenda’s funny ‘evidence’ in his articles.Makes one despair for our country, doesn’t it? But what can one expect, when those who are educated are behaving like headless chicken. Mwenda is certainly polemic and one-sided, but that’s his prerogative; but its upsetting when he does claim to be the keeper of the objective truth. I fail to see how hearing lies,distortions, and propaganda (from him) enable me to home in on the truth about Besigye and the 2016 elections. “Spin” seems to be more important for him than reality,and that’s our most influential journalist in Uganda.Makes one wonder how much more of the news that gets filmed never gets beyond the studio’s vaults, doesn’t it? He’s so egoistic, isnt he? I have a hard enough time not allowing my own ego to control the show. I can’t afford to deal with anyone else’s.

    Lastly,successful leaders have supporters willing to call them out,and, unlike Museveni,I believe Besigye would be more than willing to put Mwenda’s input into consideration if he thought he had his interests at heart, but we all know he(Mwenda) doesnt. With Museveni- no matter what he says or does, his surrogates defend him to the max and his base makes excuses for everything. I feel that we as a society are willing to let a lot of serious issues be brushed under the carpet rather than confronting them upfront. This sets us back in our fight for social justice.’



    The gross mismanagement of Public resources by the government, daylight theft of tax payers money,Corruption among Government parastetals,Nepotism,favoritism and sectarianism are the vices which has led to the deterioration of living conditions of Ugandans.So the people are looking to their cultural institutions with expectations and hope because No King has ever betrayed his people, No King has ever taken a decision which undermines the interests of his Kingdom as a whole or which negates it’s heritage.

    The Tragedy of the Government’s horrible actions in Rwenzori which led to the gross murder of over 200 unarmed people and mounting of mass graves has left us with many bitter memories.
    Many of the Bakonzo are suffering terrible bouts of depression over what happened to them over the weekend of 26-27 Nov 2016., it will take a considerable length of time for them to recover from the psychological trauma they experienced.

    Kasese was entirely a political issue engineered to overthrow the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu which had been a thorn in the throat to NRM for so long and to place that vast land in the direct control of the NRM leaning puppets.
    By becoming an obstacle to the dirty and corrupt schemes of Museveni,for overwhelmingly voting for FDC candidates in the recently concluded polls,by rejecting the split of Kasese district into other small administrative districts,by the strong desire of Obusinga to consolidate its cultural existence,
    the people of Rwenzururu had incurred the undying wrath of Museveni.So payback was imminent.

    We highly commend the Omusinga for standing against the dehumanization of his people,his brave stature to protect the heritage of his Kingdom will go down in history as a king who overlooked the physical and psychological humiliation and all sorts of provocation for the glory of Rwenzururu Kingdom.

    Our president and his colleagues like Kaihura have forgot the fates of the great oppressors who were life presidents,Czars,Field Marshals,Emperors and other meaningless titles.Most of them are dead and those who are still around can barely rise from their beds.
    Their legacy is the dysfunctional carcasses of the countries that they treated like private estates.

    We must all make choices and leave with their consequences,the current rulers of Uganda have chosen the path of repression,of short term retention of power at all costs,of rule by deception,of autocracy as a foundation for a kleptocracy,they corrupt the people and change the laws to maintain their greed driven political systems however,their choice has predictable consequences easily discerned from our own history and from the experiences of lands where the rulers forgot their own mortality.

    It would have been I think a suitable time for these rulers to seek engaging all stake holders,paving for a national dialogue and to freely allow citizens participate in their country’s polititical campaigns without state interference.
    It’s the only choice that can redeem even the reputations of cruellest of men.
    Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya chose to obey the Law in 2002, thirteen years later,he enjoys dignified retirement because his sins were overlooked by citizens who have chosen to move on.

    As for me,I choose forgiveness even in the face of the disaster and injustices that are unfolding in my country.I refused bitterness,I choose non violence as a way of settling disputes,no matter what I’m but a tiny drop in the endless ocean of humanity.


    The Democratic Party National Legal Advisor Mr SAM MUYIZI was last night attacked and strangled to near death by three well trained men along Prince Ann Drive-Bugolobi in Kampala and is still recovering from his neck injuries.
    This happened the same day the party chairman for Rwampara county in Mbarara District was buried after he was found strangled to death at his farm in the county by unknown men on Wednesday evening.
    His death occurred exactly one week after the party Secretary General the late Hon Mathias Nsubuga suffered as suspicious stroke at Mukono Bookshop in Kampala and was rushed to Case Clinic in Kampala in coma where he died two days later and was buried at the village in Lwengo District.

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