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    When the Roman Empire embraced Christianity they brought their Holidays, Festivals, and Rituals along with them. Christmas was originally the celebration of the “Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun,” in honor of the Saturnus, which was preceded by a week of absolute decadence called the Saturnalia Festival.

    Of course the Romans begot the Roman Catholic Church, which begot all those Protestant Religions, which brought their own flavor to the Holiday, which as evolved into what we now call Christmas.

    So, Christmas started off as a Sex Orgy dedicated to Saturn, and has evolved into a Consumer Orgy dedicated to Jesus.


    Museveni’s ally Kyambadde in hiding over Shs 1.5 billion debt

    President Museveni’s former Principle Private Secretary and current Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde’s husband is being tracked by court bailiffs over an unpaid loan he obtained from a Kampala moneylender.

    Mr Wilson Kyambadde is in hiding over a 2013 debt of USD300,000 (over Shs1.5bn as per current exchange rate) borrowed Mr Amdan Khan, one of the top private money lenders in the country who has lent money to various people including business people, politicians, among other people.

    Mr Amdan, a renowned cotton dealer says it is now over two years since Mr. Kyambadde was ordered to pay the money and he hasn’t taken any steps to pay by the High Court Execution Division Assistant Registrar Lawrence Tweyanze.

    TheUgandan understands that Kampala Central Member of Parliament Mohammed Nsereko who knows Khan’s financial muscle connected Kyambadde to Khan and the frustrated money lender has vowed to pursue the matter to the end because he needs to recover his money.

    “It is quite unfortunate that a man of his stature can behave that way but I can assure you that I won’t rest until I recover my money,” Khan told this reporter.

    Mr. Kyambadde has never appeared in Court despite several court summons and only his lawyer Nsereko Mukalazi appears on his behalf.

    Amdan Khan is also yet to recover his $100,000 (over Shs350m) in full he lent to Nsereko in 2013.

    He had dragged him (MP Nsereko) to court as well but the two agreed to settle the matter out of Court and the politician pays installments through Khan’s lawyer Arthur Mukwatanise.

    Ms Kyambadde distances self

    Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde Ms Kyambadde, who is married to businessman Wilson Kyambadde with six children distanced herself from the matter saying her husband is a different entity and she couldn’t comment on the matter.

    “He is a different entity please contact him,” Amelia said on phone before she hanging up.

    In an earlier interview about her husband Mr Kyambadde, she says: “Our values were different and we were coming from very different backgrounds. I comes from an aristocratic family and he comes from a family with low income. So sometimes, it is very difficult to reconcile the two although we have lived together all these years.” She adds: “There are values I consider to be very important and there are certain things he considers not to be so important, but I thank God that he has given us very beautiful children together and we have brought them up. We are very different actually but we tolerate each other. Tolerance is the best medicine.”

    Bond with first family

    The Kyambaddes have been close and worked for the Museveni family since 1979 playing the longest uninterrupted impact on Uganda’s politics. Ms Kyambadde said a special bond of friendship developed between the two families – with the Kyambaddes helping the Musevenis find a home and establish themselves in exile life in Sweden – where she says she watched the children being born and grow up.

    Former Presidential Principle Private Secretary Amelia Kyambadde’s family is entangled in a messy debt.

    Former Presidential Principle Private Secretary Amelia Kyambadde’s family is entangled in a messy debt.

    We reached out to Mr Kyambadde’s attorney for comment, so far no word back.



    ☆In the world of thieves and liars its had to survive . Felt sorry for this person and thought should share .

    What kind of *Quality* is produced here ?
    ☆ i see humans but no humanity.
    Why would anyone do this ?👇👇👇


    I don't care whether Museveni hands over to son or wife – Mao

    According to Mr Mao, just like many Ugandans especially those born after Museveni captured power in 1986; he does not care whether the president hands over peacefully to his son Muhoozi Keinerugaba or wife Janet Kataha Museveni.

    Kisoro • 12 hours ago
    Pathetic statement!
    Mao should speak for himself.
    I too, would like to see a peaceful change of leadership but just hand over power to his wife or son? Is Uganda a bunch of matooke you dish out to whoever you want?
    Or is it according to Mao, personal property one bequeathes to next of kin?
    No wonder such opposition leaders have had little success in dislodging Museveni.
    I do understand Mao’s perception and strategy thinking that the relatives would be weaker for his likes to dislodge. A dream as they too, will entrench themselves obviously.
    Personally, I’d rather have M7 than the son or wife unless they compete fairly for those positions and win the Presidency.

    Umusani • 8 hours ago
    The good thing, is one of these days Mzee will die either by natural causes or otherwise…

    There is no right thinking person who can’t see the elephant in the room. The fish is rotting from the head and the stench is being felt at the tail end….(public health facilities, schools, universities, markets, land grabbing etc…)

    Indeed we ask for God to intervene because peaceful/violent means have so far not been successful….

    Do you expect someone who killed his animal in the bush to just give it up like that?

    Kyatan (Satan) • 20 hours ago
    Mr. Mao also !!! I wonder where he was during the last elections. In case, for some reason, he has chosen to blank that out that truth, I remind him here that most Ugandans believe that those votes did not “count” for anything, Sir.

    Yoga Adhola • a day ago
    The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao says Ugandans are so desperate for change that they no longer care to whom President Museveni hands over power peacefully.
    According to Mr Mao, just like many Ugandans especially those born after Museveni captured power in 1986; he does not care whether the president hands over peacefully to his son Muhoozi Keinerugaba or wife Janet Kataha Museveni.”

    This mao man must really be naive. What would be the change if Muhozi became President? What difference would it make? For all I know if Museveni is alive Museveni would still be running the show the way Mwalimu run the show when both Karume and Mukapa became Presidents. The change Museveni is talking about would be the cosmetics to confuse people like Mao.

    mary • a day ago
    Mao doesnt know many people in Kampala and surrounding areas in Buganda didnt even vote..its obvious every one knows elections was rigged

    Geoffrey Buga • a day ago
    It seems to me as though Mao is getting confused. Does he actually appreciate fully the implications of the statement that he has made? For a man who micromanages everything, Museveni would essentially be pulling the strings if he were to go by Mao’s words and hand over power to his wife or son just so that Uganda can record the first peaceful change of power! Then, he might as well stay in power until natural attrition takes over peacefully. Whereas I agree with Kasolo that we should not just have a change for its own sake, I think her reason is childish and sycophantic, not altogether unexpected though. Development is a process, and not a single event that should be assigned to anyone individual, however clever he or she might be. The law of diminishing returns is a biological principle and catches up with each and everyone of us. It is indeed a disease not to appreciate this and to continue floundering because sycophants are busy singing one’s praises. If longevity in office was the sine qua non of development, then Zimbabwe would be an upper middle income country, but sadly it is not. Museveni had already been forced to deny a Muhoozi project in the past. Does Mao want to revive that, or worse give room for the creation of a ruling class?We are not a monarchy, but a republic. Let us maintain consistency in our public discourse or else we shall continue floundering like headless chicken Mike.

    Arthur Paulo Kamuntu • a day ago
    Zounds!! My foot!! I’m not lost for words!! But: What will Muhoozi or Janet achieve? What difference would they make? And how different will they be from Museveni? We are not looking for a change of musical chairs. We are hoping and looking for real change. Norbert Mao is not even desperate!! He must have either gone mad or he has been richly bribed!! What a man? And what a traitor!! One who will rape and then kill his mother in order to prove his worth to the Twalire Regime? He is worse than Judas and the Satan wrapped up and rolled together!! Good riddance!! Moo, you deserve to be interred in an owl-vulture-feather wraps!

    Mawanda Joseph Anti for u ur soon dieing dats wai u dont mind

    Daniel Wandera OB your very wrong on this. Ugandans don’t want to see what you seem to preach, we want a change and a real change.


    Know your tribe in 2017


    Seth Turinawe whts the point here???

    Криспин Мбони Буеква Was asking myself the same qn

    Jjunju Meddy Its what am still looking for

    Nahwera Dan Obade Kiiiiii

    Mark Monique Adyeeri Supid wali otwenzeko bwaggwe.

    Albert Luto Ate Abalango, Abalugbara, abakarimajong?

    Nankanjya Joanitha You Want To Mean What?

    Twine Nicholas You must be a begger

    Nankanjya Joanitha Becz Ov Our Tribe?

    Arch Arthur van K This gal looks a begger lol

    Lucky Betty Only God knows.

    Elizabeth Akumu BASAMIA-bagezi

    Innocent Okene But stop being confused,there is nothing like Bateso,Bakaramojong coz they are the nilohamits not bantu,they Itesot,Karamojong

    Ngabo Nziza Tribalizm sh,d be abolished!!!!

    Namuleme Aisha These are your ideas,we have different idealogy

    Kabega Jimmy Wamala When a UPE dropout buys a smartphone……………………….

    Mukwano Daphine Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha[email protected]hahhhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahah

    Felix Davis Einyu There is no tribe called Bateso or Bakaramoja, remove Ba syndrome from ur confused head

    Nakamanya Florence Silly stupid,foolish, if the baganda balina enkwe bate wesibako bakii? Mbwa ggwe.

    Tumwebaze Ibrahim Ibramathan Bali bankwe

    Francis Bayingana Difference between emputu ne kibuli

    Nakazzi Sarah yogera ebizimba this is 2017 mind you.

    Josh Josephs U the so called #JJUNJU stop okulya amazzi while posting byotategeera!,confusing tribes & u’re even confused up yrslf first!!! #FOOL!!..u’ve even spoiled my mood tumbaavu!!..tonayiga nabwebawandika mawanga osinika mannyo kumannyoko lya namazzi kilo 4 onywereko kaziire tafulu…(((…embwa eno!!!!!

    Ssenyonga Abdallah Aren’t those coments enough 4 u?

    Aggermas Jjunju Asuman NO

    Mugabe Elly Stop making useless posts who are bambere?

    Kanyange Peninah Leave batooro alone! !!

    Bakwi Morishants Mallen Comment reserved coz u might not post again bt watch out

    Ruman Johnson Abagishu balyazamanya

    Omwola Solomon let me stop there those comments are enough for that fool.


    A graduate of zoology from a Busoga university was having difficulty in finding a job. He saw an advert in one of the daily newspaper for a job at a zoo. In the interview, the manager told him that their gorilla
    which had been tourists’ attraction had died so they needed someone to dress up and pretend to be like a gorilla.
    The graduate was embarrassed, but since the salary was ok, he accepted the job. The first day, he put on the gorilla skin and entered the cage, he started jumping up and down, beating his chest and roaring like a gorilla. The next day, he put on the gorilla skin and started moving around the zoo again and mistakenly entered another cage where he found himself staring at a lion. The lion roared and rushed towards him.

    The scared graduate quickly forgot that he was a gorilla and started shouting like a human, “Help! Help!” The lion leaped on him, knocked him to the ground and whispered in his ear, ” #Johnny, it’s me Tom, your course mate. Shut up or we’ll both lose our jobs.



    Dear fellow youths in all corners of this country, I wish you a happy new year. But I wish it would have been better than this,given that we are natural heirs of question keeps playing around my head; do win only inherit in adulthood? This seems to be the reality in our advent for our time. As we hope for more on our tables as youths, let us distance ourselves from political partisan extremism. We can be better than mere raw materials for the politicians (old) to mentor in line with their examples all that much. Political party identity hunt comes along with what we individually would want to get in form of jobs and other favors if associated with the NRM government without looking aside the pipelines, we end up believing that our brothers and sisters outside our new political homes are wondering bats still in flight. Matanda Abubaker(not sure of religious name spelling) a young man I met had a Facebook post inspire me last year,it was titled “a bumble fly still flies” there was a lot that changed my thinking. Well,he was once guild president Islamic University ,and was youth parliamentary candidate, Eastern Uganda. Why am I telling you all this? It is to show you how we can inspire ourselves as the youths without hanging around big politicians as their heirs in political parties when there is not much for us the youths as whole on the plate. Then identifying ourselves with the old opposition politicians makes us to radicals in a way that we learn to magnify the wrongs of the government and belittle its achievements. I am not saying that it is always right,but my point is that we need to change the way we think of ourselves and every one in politics. I am not under estimating what the we can learn from the old politicians, I am trying to say that as the youths, we have failed to understand that these are the very policy makers who have left us voluntarily on the receiving end. What they offer benefits the minority,yes the already connected youths which leads to hunting for lobbyists among the old, this leads to youth’s breakthroughs for the few. These few lucky youths are not safe either,the truth is that they still belong to the generation of the unmotivated majority. I am not saying that we deserve only financial handouts. The fact is that we need good policies like funding of our non_partisan youth initiatives, carrying out a nationwide motivational seminars intending at identifying youths abilities in different ways,especially basing on talents, the government can then vet those that can take us among those recorded cutting across arts and sciences. Secondly we can have the needy youths trained in freely in government funded tertiary institutions and then taken for fruitful community services in form of voluntary work for two years before being passed out. This would evolve the street beggars and the drug disgruntled addicts. This is the simpler way of landing us all in a position where those who work artistically and hard are awarded. This is far beyond the political seperationism method. I refuse to agree that we are such naturally ungifted. I refuse to also agree that there is no any other way to have ourselves helped without belonging somewhere politically. Belonging to these political parties for help at times makes us mutual rivals to the old thinking their positions are on threat. I pray that we massively change the way we think of ourselves. And find way of bringing the youths together for discussions through our gifted fellows like Matanda, I just feel pain for not tagging everyone in this because I am sure many of us are still in the massive bidding goodbye to the old year and welcoming the other, I intend to challenge ourselves not to celebrate the running of days but to think of celebrating our achievements at the end of every year.
    Happy new year to you all that will read and take serious this.
    Yours faithfully,
    Bwambale Kennedy
    [email protected]



    1.Nkwatako Sheebah Kalungi

    2.Musawo Winnie Nwagi.

    3.Kabulengane Bebe Cool

    4.Mwanagwe King Saha

    5.Aindah H.E Bobi Wine

    6.Musomesa Gravinty OM

    7.Agantoko Dr Jose.

    8.Osanula David Luntalo

    9.Nkunze Iryn Namubiru

    10.Ndangala Eddy Kezzo

    11.Go Down Iryn Ntale

    12.Obupangisa Daxx Katel

    13.Karilo Rema Namakula

    14.Maama Pallaso

    15.Kamesse Carlo Nantongo

    16.Emontoka Lil Pazo.

    17.AmSorry mama Sir Walukanga

    18.Ntebyasara Laddy Tiiti

    19.Dengerous Ceseraous

    20.Byebyo Choozen Blood

    21.Simbokya Princes Amirah

    22.Munakampala Wykk Bendar

    23.Mpa Amazzi Amooti

    24.Jongerenza Navio

    25.Rwengina Hot Kawa

    26.So Lucky Sasha Brighton

    27.Muriluno Lutaya

    28.Emyaala Nutty Neithan

    39.No:1 Kabaako Roden Y

    30.Mariana Apass


    Uganda Peoples Congress:PRESS STATEMENT HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    On behalf of the UPC Cabinet and the UPC Secretariat, I wish you all a Happy New Year and more progressive year, 2017, to come.
    We have emerged from this year stronger and ever more united notwithstanding the numerous challenges placed before us. UPC remains an integral and constructive member of IPOD, which itself has proved that through dialogue, political cohesion and stability can be achieved in Uganda.
    UPC has sadly seen the passing away of a number of prominent members this year. I wish to convey to the bereaved families our best wishes for the future. We are one large family and they should feel forever welcome and the Party will always be here for them.
    I would like to take this opportunity to also welcome our new members. I am particularly excited by the large number of youth that have joined and have become very involved in UPC activities. A special mention must go to the Mulungushi Club, a debating forum that has set up at the Headquarters and is going from strength to strength.
    Early next year the country will have another round of elections, those for Local Council I and II. We are going to participate in those elections and field as many candidates as resources allow. I task all the Regional Vice Chairpersons, District Chairpersons and those in positions of responsibility to focus on these upcoming elections and urge them to rise to the challenge of increasing our representation on the ground. It has been our stated mission to rebuild this great Party of ours from the grassroots, and whatever challenges we face, we must always keep in mind that those challenges also present opportunities when confronted head on.
    Finally, I take this opportunity to reach out to all those who have taken a different position on how the Party is to be governed. We are stronger united and weaker divided. The outcomes of the last year have proved that the will of the vast majority of Party members cannot be broken and that it is only through dialogue, respect for the Party Constitution and the engagement through properly constituted Party Organs, that differences can be resolved. So please let us put aside our differences and come together to build a stronger Uganda Peoples Congress so that we can positively participate in framing the destiny of our beloved country.


    J.Akena MP



    About two years ago we all woke up on one of the days to realize that National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) was at long last biting. They authoritatively moved from shop to shop confiscating packs and packs of polythene bags after the traders failed to stop dealing with these dangerous objects. We were all relieved as citizens ; not until after a short stint when we were shot in the foot by none other than another arm of government which rescinded NEMA’s move to our utter shock and disbelief. We have all gotten used to this kind of behavior by government which seems to have no plan of action, at least on a number of issues pertaining to our own welfare and the welfare of future generations.
    In my short letter to you, am not complaining about polythene papers but plastic bottles which are dangerously affecting not only our drainage system as city dwellers but our environment too. Take an example of soft drink and mineral water manufacturing companies here in Uganda and imports from outside of our nation. Thousands and thousands of empty plastic bottles are being thrown in our drainage system unabated every other passing hour and to my dismay our government seems to be less concerned. Why? Those of us who take time to walk around the city are disgusted by the blockage of each and every gaping manhole around the central business district. With the city’s outskirts the situation is not only deplorable but pathetic too.
    If we cannot help to legislate against the ills and evils of and in our society, then why must we have parliament at all? Someone will say “Look, there are a number of recycling companies that are alleviating the problem”! No. These companies in my simple arithmetic are consuming a paltry one percent and less, of the plastic garbage.
    Why must we as a nation succumb to self created ‘plastic siege’, that we can legislate against for future posterity.
    Certainly with a day-time population of 3 million people in Kampala, the amount of used plastic bottles is un acceptably high to contend with. And with no solution in sight, it is a matter of time when the city will be inundated with floods as a result of tons and tons of plastic-silt down stream just before Lake Victoria.
    True, we must all encourage the growth of industries as they contribute to economic development in various forms. But industries that destroy the environment must be guided in their operations with an aim of allowing both nature and themselves to thrive .
    Here below are my simple solutions.
    All alcoholic drinks including spirits should and must be packed in glass bottles.
    Secondly, the smallest plastic water bottle should be one and a half (11/2) litres by volume. These are much easier to collect for recycling.
    Thirdly, all soft drink manufacturing companies need to revert to glass bottles. The smallest plastic bottle for any soft drink must be as for water and for the same reason as above.
    Also, plastic food containers should be banned .
    Medicine, agro-chemicals like fertilizers, toys for children and other plastic utilities must be controlled with a tougher tax regime mitigated by the Ministry of finance , URA, NEMA and city authorities.
    The city authorities must have an exclusive ‘plastics army’ created to collect crush and export plastic dust for recycling.
    Lastly, all second hand plastic utilities like computers, radios, toys, and others should be controlled with much higher tax compared with new ones. This money would then be used to facilitate the ‘plastics army’, that would be handling the plastics.
    Short of this, we are finished as a nation and as a people.
    If I were in parliament, the above would have been my submission today the 1st of January 2017.
    Madam Speaker, have a good day.
    Kamukama Kabiikire (Private Citizen)

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