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    There was a beautiful girl in a village admired by four men.
    Nel is a SINGER
    Funny is a HUNTER
    Damian is a DOCTOR
    Joseph is FISHERMAN
    One day,she went to wash her clothes by the river coincidentally the four men where there watching her, All of a sudden a crocodile bit her and dragged her into the water.
    The SINGER composed a beautiful song ,the crocodile raised its head above the water to listen to the song,
    The HUNTER shot it,and it was dead . The girl floated on the water.
    The FISHERMAN dived in and brought her out to the shore then,
    The DOCTOR treated her and she was well again.
    Now who deserves to marry the girl among the four men??
    Don’t spoil the fun just forward and see the best answer.
    Need answer from intelligent people like U!!!!!!👈👆👇


    everyone is jumping on Besigye's son to create unnecessary headlines

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

    Why are Ugandans still obsessed with one studying from Harvard or Oxford universities? One can become anything from any standard university. You would think that an Agrey Awori or Olara Otunu experience in Uganda politics would serve as enough examples to go slow on Harvardiosis. Now, everyone is jumping on Besigye’s son to create unnecessary headlines. I can’t help but wonder how much more collective journalistic purring there would be if it was Andrew Mwenda’s son that had notched up a place to Harvard.

    Cyprian Dhikusooka Totukoya

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba Ate ntya nawe?

    Robert Fungo Matanda I think this is my first time to write on UAH. Havard, MIT, Oxford, etc are not that better than those trained in a good african university, but out of touch with reality in africa. Also those universities are for those who get sponsorships. The fact is Byanyima is entitled to an enducation fund for her son, from Oxfam and even before at UN, and they will pay even if she says my son is admitted at Mars or anywhere.

    Jacklines Abbo your right but i partially disagree for some one to get in there should be all that brave and smart though.It’s for only big thinkers and dreamers!!

    Robert Fungo Matanda Being smart I agree, this is for Bachelors degrees like Anselm. They take very clever applicants at Bachelors and this is built from childhood. Also another smart category are those who apply for PHD or Masters and get a scholarship from say Harvard. H…

    Ssaava Mutebi Ronald Ow’emmamba Africa is a dark continent not because its people are black, but because we have people with a dark mind…so dark that all they see better is the white. their minds are decapitated by themselves.

    Stephen Tumusiime You’ve said it.

    Jacklines Abbo i truely agree with this and it’s why we shall never grow and for this reason i hate being at home ahhhhsh

    Stephen Tumusiime Wow! what a right insight! Ugandans really make you sick with their unnecessary Xenomania! Well,Harvard university is something to lookup to but Ugandans (UGAHUMANS) must note that not all that glitters is GOLD! Likewise not all that comes from Harvard will………. Complete.

    Mark Macksons I can only see hatred. Every one is entitled to his her success. All that glitters may not be gold to u but to some one its gold. And by the way.. We have different dreams depending on your capability. As me makerere was my dream, As for besigye son that was his dream too. Therefore we all not need to rejoice for his success

    Hassan Amina Mark Macksons Not going to a super-elite school does not mean you are destined for poverty just as going to a super-elite school does not mean you will be rich.

    Mutoni Sopho Abbey Andrew mwenda is a gay he cant have children

    Mayimuna Nabagereka Andrew likes men’s bubina, mbu.. u dont get a son from there.

    Emy Lyvia Everytime someone mentions Harvard or Oxford, i cry for my poor Makerere University. That is the same way people from Kyanamukaka and other places used to show off once their children got admitted to the now “killed” MUK. Cry my beloved uganda.

    Lydia N Nam Lol

    Eddie Ntege Low level THINKERS are always like that. Can you imagine sitting there listening to Nail Armstrong’s achievements stepping on the moon?????

    Nambalirwa Monah Aminah Neo colonialism at wrk u inclusive the post writer

    Kalanzi Mc Donald My brother I told you early on that majority of ugandans have been covered with a thick hood on their faces, now you can see, any matter however less important it is, people will passionately gaze at it as if no vital issues to spend time on

    Namuleme Aisha Hmmmm tell them,they should mind their own bussiness

    Kisitu MartinLuther Nganda Sejjusa What I know is that my classmate who was not very good and reasoning well did journalism!

    Kalanzi Mc Donald Yo not clear brother

    Lydia N Nam Kalanzi Mc Donald lol

    Musa Kiggundu Should we be obsessed with Muk? Anyone from any part of the world is obsessed with Harvard and Oxford. It’s not Uganda n’s alone

    Lydia N Nam And here in the UK…Oxbridge is the real deal…top schools assesses themselves by how many students made it to those 2 and then the Russel groups. The others are barely mentioned. Some secondary schools Donnie encourage their students to apply to Unis outside a certain selected few. The opposite is experienced in certain state schools. Few are encouraged to go for it….

    Musa Kiggundu Thanks for the information. How can one compare a graduate from Muk with Harvad or Oxford? Totally opposite

    Atyeroni Dickie Wat’s the point,knowledge is acquired while wisdom is ……..

    Mbabazi Marysha Hhhmmm

    Lydia N Nam Lol Abbey….but one needs the experience to realise that the world is very unequal. Some places churn servants and others Lords. I guess based on God’s plan, since he created us according to his own plans of the Gaussian distributions of several phe…See More

    Immaculate Alexes Norborg First tell us as you what you have achieved, olyoke otukoye.

    Nassozi Luckie Sheenah low thinkers have one thing in common n dats envy

    Stephen Tumusiime The texts are lengthy to read. But the gist I pick from some of above discussants insights is that they still hold the view that when we hear of Harvard and all from the same then, we shiver and forget that great personalities in Africa didn’t first go to Harvard. Also don’t try to indoctrinate about Harvard yet in America yet we see most gayness is from that direction.

    Lydia N Nam Not clear…your point

    Cynthia Aziida every funny, try 2 mind on wat u think can help u rather than 2 go on some thing dat wont help u
    Robinah K. Nanyunja Harvard is open to all capable individuals

    Olivia Nalumansi Abbey kibirige semuwemba yr lost how days wadawa

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba Nkyaliyo munange

    Olivia Nalumansi Ok kilungi

    Lwanga Frank Tell them son

    Anguzu David Da truth is really bitter! Wama success besigye son.

    Felix Musinga Harvard is not like any University. Whereas our Makerere University gave degrees to people without entry qualifications you know like Kato Lubwama and some famous lady, you have to have genuine qualifications for Harvard to take you. Nugu people, have you heard?

    Rahimu Jabendo What distinguishes universities are the faculty, the students, and the alumni. It is access to those three is what you are really paying for. Any top universities has excellent faculty, students, and alumni. The freshman class size at Harvard and Stanf…See More

    Julius Mwesigye Abbey, you didn’t get the drift, the media comes in because there are inevitable comparisons to make between ugandans two leading political families, Museveni and Besigye. Pure arithmetic, otherwise it would not have made news sense elsewhere, even in neighbouring rwanda

    Mayimuna Nabagereka Americans too obsess about Harvard and Yale. So much so that every US President since 1988 was a student at Harvard or Yale or both. Parents of many middle & upper class households desire for their kids to go to either of these two institutions. There …See More

    Hassan Amina Yes,the students and parents in USA do obsess about Harvard, MIT and so on but not as much because the quality of universities (and the quality of teachers and students in them) in US does not drop as steeply in the universities that rank lower than th…See More

    Anthony Brian Sometimes success is about ”Luck” also, it’s what people forget.

    Sabaidu Ismah I had that Anselm is also gay

    Otto Richard Sorry Andrew is impotent and Gay….

    Hassan Amina In Uganda, herd mentality is very much prevalant, which most of the times crops up from the desire to earn and raise one’s standard of living.When it was found that people who study from the UK or USA earn much and are more respected, everyone now want…See More

    Ssaava Mutebi Ronald Ow’emmamba Point driven home.

    Otto Richard I like the choice of words “herd mentality”.

    Robinah K. Nanyunja It’s govt which should improve education system not students. Some people deserve better and can pay the price, and that’s ok 👌🏿. What a beefy?

    Hassan Amina Not going to a super-elite school does not mean you are destined for poverty just as going to a super-elite school does not mean you will be rich. fOR instance, Rwakakamba Morrison got that job he’s now advertising on Facebook simply because of his Bun…See More

    Kasimu Kiberu They are obsessed as well and quite right so. Although it isn’t a black mark in the family name to have their offspring not being able to make it to the Ivies, it is a serious status symbol and opens up many opportunities that are lets say unavailable to those attending other universities. There are numerous enterprises which hire exclusively from these schools.

    Ssaava Mutebi Ronald Ow’emmamba When the Europeans colonised Africa, they didn’t only colonise the lands but also all the belongings those lands had, even people. When Africans were fighting for their indepepence, they fought to liberate their lands and forgot to liberate their mindsets. Uptodate, most Africans are under the white mind colonialism.

    Bazaala Mubiri Owe’Kabwaami President M7 has held Uganda without having attended any of da European/American University by the way!!

    Joel Kateeba Bbala Then yu go toMAKERERE !obu busungubwo bwe bukwogeza bya yesu akaaba!! Do you know how much those doods have?


    Who blocked Hon. Nambooze's Alcohol Bill?

    a- Yoweri Museveni
    b- Speaker Kadaga Rebeca.
    c- Mps


    Am sure they discuss this “we are going to rule this country till every family member is made president including a toilet cleaner coz some fools still we can cause development in Uganda we have really fooled them big hahaha actually big fools wama mama Natasha okulya sente sikulya mwana…..we should make all of them poor but our few supporters tubawengayo posho enva beyiye embwa ezo ” Museven and wife talking


    What are the 15 warning signs of impending tyranny? As tyrants take control of democracies, they typically:

    1. Exaggerate their mandate to govern — claiming, for example, that they won an election by a landslide even after losing the popular vote.

    2. Repeatedly claim massive voter fraud in the absence of any evidence, in order to restrict voting in subsequent elections.

    3. Publicly criticize anyone who criticizes them, labeling them “enemies.”

    4. Turn the public against journalists or media outlets that criticize them, calling them “deceitful” and “scum.”

    5. Hold few if any press conferences, preferring to communicate with the public directly through mass rallies and unfiltered statements.

    6. Tell the public big lies, causing them to doubt the truth and believe fictions that support the tyrants’ goals.

    7. Blame economic stresses on immigrants or racial or religious minorities, and foment public bias and even violence against them.

    8. Attribute acts of domestic violence to “enemies within,” and use such events as excuses to beef up internal security and limit civil liberties.

    9. Threaten mass deportations, registries of religious minorities, and the banning of refugees.

    10. Seek to eliminate or reduce the influence of competing centers of power, such as trade unions and opposition parties.

    11. Appoint family members to high positions of authority.

    12. Surround themselves with their own personal security force rather than a security detail accountable to the public.

    13. Put generals and other military commanders into top civilian posts.

    14. Make personal alliances with foreign dictators.

    15. Draw no distinction between personal property and public property, profiteering from their public office.



    Most African’s are driven by cynicism especially the called “elites” of the social media generation. Take a scenario of USA elections, with claims of hacking by Russia. If this was amongst African nations, the next to hear or see was advocating for sanguinary. What happened to the sermons of coalescence by our ancestors; Kwame, Kenyatta, Mandela etc. When Gambia president petitions the election results, the next item on the men is to be attacked by ECOWAS ironical to the USA where diplomats are deported back to Russia and the matter is sorted amicably without traces of blood leakage anywhere. The only piece to swallow on UAH is to become ruffians than understanding and following the dogma of our societies before deploying the “cut and paste” we envisage in whatever nation we are taking refugee from or we are there for opulence.


    When we witness a loved one or a friend who is struggling with a substance abuse issue, all of our energy and focus is on the behavior those addicted display while under the influence. While we may not think of addiction in this way, the behaviors that addicts engage in and the consequences that occur as a result of these behaviors are part of a larger pattern of behaviors that comprise the cycle of addiction–and ultimately recovery if the addict chooses to get treatment.

    The following is one representation of the phases of addiction and recovery that is often referred to as the Jellinek Curve. These five distinct phases trace the progression of drug and alcohol addiction from occasional and recreational use through to chronic abuse and onward to rehabilitation and recovery. It is very important to note these stages do not have strict timelines in regards to when people transition from one phase to another. In its truest sense, these phases of addiction and recovery can give you a visual representation of what can occur for some people in their struggles with substance abuse.

    The Five Phases of Addiction and Recovery

    Progressive Phase

    In this beginning phase, someone may start using drugs and/or alcohol on a recreational basis due to curiosity or as a means to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Eventually, a person will start building a tolerance to substances and will start to take more of a substance or substances in order to feel the same effect they experiences when they first starting using drugs and/or alcohol. During this initial phase of addiction and recovery, an individual may start feeling a sense of guilt about their drinking and/or drug use and the first signs of drug dependence start to surface.

    Crucial Phase

    In the crucial phase of addiction and recovery, the individual’s drinking and/or drug use has steadily increased and it starting to reach the point where their ability to moderate or stop use completely is diminishing. They may have already made attempts to control their substance use, but those measures were short-lived. The individual is starting to isolate themselves from family and friends and they will rationalize or provide excuses for why they are drinking and/or drugging. It is during this phase that the addict starts to engage in impulsive and reckless behavior on a more frequent basis. Additionally, the crucial phase is when an individual begins to feel a continual sense of remorse and regret regarding their substance use, but may not have the tools to address this burgeoning problem.

    Chronic Phase

    When the individual reaches the chronic phase of addiction and recovery, they are more than likely experiencing lengthy periods of intoxication and are also experiencing significant physical and psychological health issues. The person who is in the crucial stage has abandoned family and friends and is spending the majority of their time with those who indulge in drug and alcohol abuse. Their daily routine is driven by substance use and they have little or no motivation to stop. As in the crucial phase of addiction and recovery, people who are in the critical phase may have initiated attempts at getting clean and sober but were unsuccessful in those attempts. In this phase, the individual’s drinking and drug use continues in vicious cycles–and the physical, psychological and spiritual consequences of their behaviors grow worse and can possibly lead to death.

    Rehabilitation Phase

    For those addicts who have hit the proverbial dead end in their addiction, they may experience a moment of clarity and engage in a period of intense self-examination. If they come to the full and candid realization their addiction has overtaken their life and they completely desire to transform their life, they will enter a rehabilitation phase where they make the commitment to seek the professional help that is offered by a reputable drug and alcohol rehab facility. During their stay in treatment, they come to an understanding that addiction is a complex and progressive disorder and will receive assistance in helping address and overcome their particular substance abuse issues. In addition to intensive and structured drug treatment, the addict becomes involved in 12-Step or other sober support groups and is exposed to other resources that will help them maintain their sobriety once treatment ends.

    Recovery Phase

    In this final phase of addiction and recovery, people new in recovery utilize the tools and support they have received in treatment and from their peers in order to grow in their sobriety. By re-establishing healthy communication with family and friends and through the establishment of new and healthy friendships with those who support their newfound recovery, those in the recovery phase adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle. Their confidence and self-esteem returns, and through their continued working of their individual plan of recovery, those new in recovery grow more confident in their new identity and adopt a mindset where they are aware of the needs and feelings of others. As they grow in their sobriety, those who are in recovery embrace the limitless possibilities before them.


    LC I & II Elections: Testing the hyped FDC Structures.

    The February Election results didn’t come as a surprise to few of us who expected them that way. However the greatest surprise even after a heavy blow on the presidency which was rigged by Museveni, the number of MPs elected on the FDC ticket was a shock to the country.

    Having fielded 201 out of 290 candidates in directly elected MPs and 61 out of 112 Women MPs, FDC managed to get less than 50 MPs in total. It is was a shock and thereafter time to question the highly hyped structures and ground support the party claims.

    During the elections, and especially in the area I was, it is evident that some voters chose to vote for Dr. Kizza Besigye for President, and vote for NRM MPs. On the NRM side, we also had people electing Museveni as the president and then elect FDC MPs. This of course is the result of the kind of politics we have chosen to play. Politics based on individuals and not parties that we say we belong to.

    Everyday, Ugandans continues to be dragged to cult-politics. Where an individual is treated as thou he/she is a god at the expense of other people and the party that sacrifices all its resources to support such candidates. And this has given birth to fanaticism among Ugandans. Under a single party, we have a group supporting Besigye, another supporting Muntu, the other believe in Erias Lukwago and the other in Nandala Mafabi and funny enough one cult doesn’t tolerate the other.

    Mind you, this kind of support is evident in the way MPs were supported. At a point, some people refused to elect an MP because he/she belongs to the Besigye cult and the voter supports Gen. Mugisha Muntu. This costed us so many seats. Therefore the ground support we claim to have as a party is in fact divided and based on persons.

    The Local Government elections show the same as we had 43 out of 112 district chairpersons, 520 out of 1,403 directly elected district councilors. I bet this number gets worse as you come down to the grassroot. These stats and facts bluntantly prove that the continued claim by FDC to having massive grassroot support is an illusion and not true. A point well said would be that Besigye has grassroot support which is true but not the party. This is not the kind of politics we should be playing. We want to have leaders at every level from FDC.

    Without a big number of FDC members in all leadership roles, the party will practically never grab the presidency which they highly concentrate on. One thing I believe and say is that, FDC can still win the presidency under the rigged system of Museveni.. And this can’t be by massively supporting Besigye alone but fronting and supporting as many as we can present, leaders from the party. If we can elect 300 MPs from FDC, and Besigye loses, that number would at any time by vote impeach Museveni as president and install Besigye as with no resistance & disturbance from the NRM MPs because they would be the minority.

    If the Electoral College system in America or the Parliamentary System in UK and Israel was introduced in Uganda today, trust me Besigye wouldn’t win. There is no way he would win the presidency with less than 50 MPs (in this case Electors in the US.) Of course the 290+ NRM MPs would again vote Museveni as President or Prime Minister (for the case of Parliamentary System.) These two systems are designed that the candidate with the highest number of electors or MPs in Parliament becomes president or prime minister. So again, in Uganda, Besigye like Hillary Clinton would win the popular vote not the electoral college vote.

    So this takes us to the coming LC I & II elections this month, with the structures and grassroot support we claim to be having, are we going to see about 2,000 LC Is and at least 1,500 LC IIs from FDC being elected? Because these are the base and support of any government. Without them, we can’t govern. With these upcoming elections which many people think are insignificant and won’t actually participate in, we are again going to see large numbers of the little Musevenis elected and working. It’s time before its too late to have the party actively involved and fielding as many LC I & II Chairpersons we have with this we will have won the village presidency!!


    get saddened by the way we treat our maids at home.
    Check at the money being paid to those people who do great work. Fifty thousand really! sixty thousand ! Ooooooooh my dearest brothers and sisters! Those people have family also, if they don’t have then they need to establish their future. How can fifty thousand help a person in Uganda of today?
    In Kenya people who does the maids work are paid not less than 200,000/- for working as a maid, but in Uganda it’s not changing. We really need to change that for us to make the lives of our fellow citizens also prosper.


    Add on your place in Uganda.

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