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    The Uganda Paparazzi has arrived and it will  report on what in the paparazzi world is called, very important news. The work of any paparazzi is to do their job and not to please anyone. This section will dis-construct the Uganda society in the way we think is best and not the way moralist and conservatives think or want us to do our job.

    The Uganda Paparazzi bust Janet Museveni

    Janet Museveni

    Janet Museveni enjoying the Uganda Tax payers money in a hotel Sauna

    However, our job is not to expose the sleazy world of politicians only, but also to promote interesting and normal Ugandans that never get any media coverage. Its true many beautiful Ugandans, are very desperate looking for away out, so they can be promoted. But the means to afford a promoter can be problematic. Don’t worry, we shall not by pass any beautiful, handsome, and funny Ugandans. Yes, we also have room for ugly and boring people too.


    Sometimes, if you want to get someone’s attention, all you need to do is to stop giving them yours. If they don’t realize it or change the way they treat you then that means they take you for granted & they are also not worth your attention.
    Actually such a person will only think of you when She /he is lonely, sad, stressed and bored.
    You will never be their first priority. Always you will be their option. Never waste your time or even lose sleep thinking about such a person.


    Beauty is not a guarantee to marriage . Falling sick does not mean you are about to die. Getting rich is not the definition of prosperity. Building a nice house is not enjoying luxury. Sleeping on an expensive bed does not bring you sound sleep. Driving a new car is not a guarantee that you gonna reach where you are going. Wearing best clothes does not mean they are fitting you. Owning a family doctor does not guarantee permanent health. Being highly educated is not a sign of wisdom. Marrying a rich guy does not guarantee happy marriage. Winning an argument does not mean that you are correct. Whatever is done without the merit of Heaven is fake and temporal. He who builds without God is building for nothing ; and he who watches over a city without God, watches in vain. Not everything is possible with men, yet everything is possible with God. Involve God in everything you do.



    ”I’ve been seeing various posts about Andrew Mwenda. To understand his current position, one has to look at the realities of Uganda.

    I was with Mwenda in Lumumba Hall at Makerere (I was actually his chairman – and Kabushenga too). We were almost all in neighboring rooms. Mwenda’s talking has not just started. He was always involved in student debates, formal or informal, about politics and current affairs. It was kind like his passion. I remember when we used to debate into late hours of the night.

    During that time, Monitor Newspaper started and they recruited a number of students from Makerere, some as journalists and others as labourers to distribute newspapers (Kabushenga joined in the latter category). I must say Mwenda was a good writer alongside other student journalists like Kyazze Ssemwogerere, Vukoni Lupa-Lasaga (both from Lumumba), Peter Mwesige, Dismus Nkunda among others. Naturally most of these joined the respective newspapers on completion of their studies. Capital FM (now KFM I think) had also just opened and Kabushenga, who had sharpened his debating skills as Guild Speaker, a position he had obtained due to our Lumbox mobilisation and block backing, became part of Capital Gang.

    Mwenda did his writing very well, was able to properly put his thoughts to paper and is still a good writer, but the day Museveni had him fired from Monitor is the day Mwenda started his dance into Museveni’s arms. Out of circumstances, Mwenda started the Independent magazine and as is well known in Uganda, running a successful business and being critical of Museveni are mutually exclusive. Hence Museveni’s embrace of Mwenda into his arms was completed by the birth of the Independent. It takes somebody with solid principles to choose between a struggling business ( which will be suffocated if it doesn’t comply) and flow of money from the state to support its machinery especially in a crucial area like propaganda. Mwenda chose the latter. So in Mwenda’s eyes, being fired from Monitor may have been the best thing to have ever happened to him. Few people (the likes of Besigye) have withstood the state’s powerful onslaught but many have moved, openly or discretely, in Mwenda’s direction.

    Definitely Mwenda is getting value from his relationship with Museveni, but is Museveni getting equal value in return? Mwenda’s position as the regime’s piper is known so his music may excite some of those already in the NRM church but can it attract any new followers? Maybe the symbiotic gain Museveni gets is to have somebody within his congregation keep rising up to “Alleluia… Amen…” at his every point (or lack of) and shout from the church’s window to those outside “Jesus (read Museveni) is lord”.


    Government should impose heavy taxes on alcohol than hiking electricity costs.

    Nabasa Aguero Alexander Haha Hui

    Dismas Mucunguzi ganywebwa abashaija.its her 2017 resolution

    Asha Harunda True

    Nalwadda Anisha
    Nalwadda Anisha Haha ekidigodigo kyekyakoze abantu

    عود التقاب You must absolutely prevent alcohol

    Namuleme Aisha I agree with you

    Rania Rebecca Omuyeluba

    Emuria Pius Its a human right to drink

    Nakazzi Sarah too much of anything is always bad.

    Emuria Pius Nakazzi Sarah I concur with u. Something small which won’t be excessive is not bad.

    Gab Opuya in economics what i know in undemocratic states,anything produced within the state is proved expensive to the local citizens and cheap to the foreign country the name of forex.
    Namyalo Irene Yesu abagala banange

    Sarah Tukei Hahaha

    Samuel Muhima And Nambozes bill was stopped by the speaker and her deputy.

    Nakamanya Florence Part of life

    Mukasa Samuel Onywa biki?

    Shamillah Svendsby

    Nalweyiso Ritah Neda banange

    Nakazzi Sarah bange .

    Dauda Sembatya Tusaba gavumenti etuyambe

    Kasiita Silman Faris K Itz fact

    Dahn Amzone Oyeeeehh

    Lema Felix The more you tax purified alcohol, the more people drink the crude one which is worse to their health and family, because its all that they can afford

    Wafula Alfred Alcohol only affects the poor believe me

    Swaga Amza Finish

    Saudah Zalwango kitalo!!


    1. You are a millionaire watching your neighbours
    suffering to eat, but you said to yourself “I WORKED
    Let me ask you this, DID YOU WORK FOR GOD’S
    BLESSING? Vanity Upon Vanity.

    2. You are a proud owner of 10 different storey
    buildings, but your extended families have no where
    to sleep, some cannot afford to pay for their rents,
    but you said to yourself “THEY CANT LIVE IN MY
    MANSION”. You forgot that if God did not build the
    house, you will just labor in vain. Vanity Upon Vanity.

    3. You are the governor of our beloved state,
    whenever you are driving by, the road must be
    cleared with your siren blaring and your security
    beating by passers just for your sake. You said to
    ME” You forgot these same people you are beating
    voted for you. Vanity upon vanity.

    4. You are a married man, ever since your married
    your wife you have not make her happy for once, she
    is your slave and your punching bag, you prefer to
    spend on other ladies than her, you said to yourself
    she gave birth to your children and raise them for
    you. The same woman that you were begging for her
    phone number? Now she is no more cute to you?
    That lady you are running after will soon suffer the
    same. Vanity upon vanity.

    5. You are a married woman, just because you are
    beautiful your husband cannot talk to you again. The
    attention you are getting outside is fueling your ego.
    You said to yourself “GUYS ARE ALWAYS AFTER ME!
    your husband is not earning that much, you forgot he
    saved his money to pay for your bride price. Age will
    soon catch up with you. Vanity upon vanity.

    6. You are the boss of a very big company. You are
    maltreating your workers. You will always delay their
    salaries. You sack anybody at will, right or wrong.
    You said to yourself “I AM THE BOSS”. You forgot you
    were once working under somebody and you are still
    working under the son. Vanity upon vanity.

    7. You spend lavishly in the city but your parents are
    dying in the village. Your children will do the same
    for you when the time comes.

    8. You have 20 pair of trousers, 30 shirts with
    different shoes, but yet, your closest friends are
    wearing rags. You said yourself “FINGERS ARE NOT
    EQUAL” You forgot we will all be equal in our grave.
    No clothes No shoes. Vanity!

    9. You are a very rich pastor with private jets to your
    name, yet your church members are suffering. Out of
    their poverty they still afford tithe and offering. You
    said to yourself “I AM A MAN OF GOD” You forgot
    Jesus fed 5,000 people. Jesus turned water to wine
    for his guest. Jesus was humble. “For the meek shall
    inherit the earth. Vanity!

    God is watching us. One day we will account for all
    our deeds. Repent. May God help us all. Amen.



    Ugandan politicians are thrust… .in Nwoya District NGOs are giving projects implementation to wominizers. A supper star womaniser was moving in different villages educating women ONLY on domestic violence. ..ignorant men happily sent their women to attend. Be informed Domestic violence is not only for women.

    Emy Lyvia Confusing…

    Mirembe N Justine Love doesn’t know age.

    Benjamin Ochom good one Mirembe

    Fox River She is only human

    Namuleme Aisha Looks weird know your dignity though love is blind it blinds you to the extent of making love in a car in broad daylight.To hell

    Fatiimah Bint Yakubu Alina he daggala elya majjini

    Ruman Johnson She was wishing him a merry Xmas and a happy new year

    Lydia Shamusa Sure. …but they did bad in car!

    Emmy Norman Tym bad

    Shaka Lenard It normal

    Mpagi Moses Nyoko

    Paul Kay Who is she

    Ngabo Nziza Pliz guyz this z social media u dont hv 2 show ur manners!!!

    Mpagi Moses Tell them

    Dahn Amzone Naturally sex z limited 18years below no problem deya

    Lodhomick Bitette This photo is very old its of a drunken couple in one of those south African countries preferably Zambia, we a all opposition but don’t attack NRM that way play mature politics.

    Sylvie Anne Samuels You are right. This photo is over 10 years old

    Mahbuub Munasar She is ugandan MP not NRM

    Sylvie Anne Samuels Wabula Ugandans temulina byakola. I first saw this photo way back in 2006, not even Ugandans and now its a Ugandan mp! Kyoka people.

    Ockra Montana I like that I wish I was there too that scene I wish it was a video damn

    Kissa Patricia Why show us their fuckings!

    Santos Hilario Bling Haven’t u fucked before

    Nakato Teddy Leave pple to enjoy themselves, abantu bakoowu.

    Abiisema Sam That’s. NRM akuna mukyezo

    Odong Henry Africa Mixed reactions…..haahaahaaha that was one of my best post this new year… is suppose to be donr secretly…you and me are fully aware that your mother and father play sex but you will never see them doing it and they dont do it in a car.

    Shafic Shafal But Odong Henry Africa, is it true or just used som old pic

    Odong Henry Africa It happened from kampala….I only got the picture

    Odong Henry Africa But what I wrote that is happening in nwoya is true

    Shafic Shafal Hehehe, thts so shameful of pipo

    Ronald Morgan Bemba sex is life, even small god slept with marry @nite then they Jesus

    Odong Henry Africa Haahaa mary?


    The Gambia Dictator Yahya Jammeh who is claiming to be ready to fight the ECOWAS, after they asked him to hand-over power to president elect Adama Barrow. Yaya Jammeh is negotiating in backstage through a third party ( Presidnet of Mauritania ) for a safe exit from The Gambia According to reliable sources, he will agreed to leave power under certain conditions.
    He asked that his family and 400 of his relatives should be protected from legal proceedings after his departure. he wants to be able to enjoy with his family, all his fortune for at least 20 years, without being worried.
    The ECOWAS leaders are very angry about his demands and also why he is using third party to ask Gambians for safe exit
    This Monday the Mauritanian President, who is taking care about the future of ex-head of the State of Gambia, is expected in Banjul. Will he be able to give reason to his counterpart In any case.
    In addition some officers of the Gambian army are beginning to get closer to Adama Barrowcwho was declared the winner of the 1/12/2016 presidential election and the international community wants to install him to power on January 19 2017.



    They own the Media houses ,

    They own the National treasury

    They own our Land

    They own Our Army , and other security organisations that are meant to protect us but instead they protect the thugs

    They own the education sector , now it’s only their children who are entitled to go to good schools at the expense of our taxes

    What used to be hospitals are now mortuaries

    They build more prisons than schools , because before them we are criminals whenever we speak about the injustices done to us

    Religious institutions, cultural institutions are no longer part of us , they serve our enemy but when they are in crisis they run to the poor ( us)

    We are our own liberators , prayers with out actions , won’t yield any results , we must stand out , we must rise up , with out a revolution we shall never regain our freedom , our land .Wake up folks . Don’t wait for any one ,start where you are , show your community why museveni must be uprooted , Educate our people, tell them about the slaves we are under dictator museveni, tell them why our children are taken to UPE while Museveni takes his to good institutions, if UPE is for good of our children then why is it they don’t take their own to UPE ?

    Stand out to be counted , we are our own liberators .

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