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    It’s Now evident that Neither Kiiza Besigye Nor Mugisha Muntu will be our next President come 2021 The General Feeling is that a westerner should not rule again and there must be real change , Change that shall be felt all across the whole Govt structures  and the only Best placed candidate so far outside the Western Hemisphere is the current Lord Mayor  His Lord ship The mayor of Kampala city council
    But the biggest Luck can some time pass through the weakest hands with out leaving an impact for the beholder.
    The Baganda are so desperate to have somebody who can revive their future almost in all sectors somebody who can put a stop on Curruption because the westerners are simply stealing money from the Govt unabated and if they can’t hide the money under their beds or buy Masts they buy dormant Land at exorbitant prices in areas which will never even wake up in years to come but because it’s ill-gotten money with no where to hide it they simply buy every Land Wether it’s full inhabitants or is full of graves as in the case of the Nubians Muslim limbo in Bukoto ntinda.
    Salongo Eliasi Lukwago today stand with the best chance to impress the Bunyooro and northerners since the Muslims and Baganda are ready to die for him but instead he is licking Kiiza Besigyes Boots as if Kiiza and wife stated their thing for him to jump on when their lights go out !
    Hajj wake up prove your confidence , use kampala city council as your platform in peace ( Ebyobuyaye abantu babikoowa) koopa Katumba wamala style Gentle meandering but surely reaching your destination in time.

    There shall never be a Golden chance on a silver plater like this one.
    kiiza is classified arrogant and even though he is trying to change that picture his revenge innuendo can hold him down , soon he will be up in arms for he is driven but not inspired.
    so why not forget an Alliance at a very early stage now that all the stake holders are out others are dead and Mao is non starter who doesn’t even remember to register he is not serious. Going for your Arrears won’t help and even if you are to pursue it, do it calmly don’t sensitize it because this is one way to Finnish you as a self seeking selfish Gold hunter like the rest.
    Your law firm can persue the legalities with out publishing or or attracting Media attention.
    When Museveni wanted to fool this country he pretended that he was a social capitalists and pretended to be pro people he even bought his first bed in Kawempe and was delivered to state house on a pick up.
    Today his water comes from Germany and he cites security yet when he didn’t have 10% of his present security establishment he used to sleep , eat and Wear the same as his rag tag armies.
    You will need a concise cross section of players ,westerners inclusive right from the grass roots and you will need foreign backing which can easily come with your office twinning in the world with other cities in the guise of tours and promotions of KCCA.
    embark on now.
    The Muslims shall offer you free support as well as the catholics .northerners and eastern erst are itching for change but they would rather give it back to Muhoozi than his dad and are simply waiting for a call. Time is on your side , five year to prepare and plan as well as forming structures alliance is now not latter
    Don’t wait like kiiza at the last minute or like A mama and announce when it’s only two months lef you will need a big team but because several NRM and independent supporters are frasturated there won’t be much hurdle all with join you enjoy mass .
    Go forward people will join you for insurance.
    Mao will support you for survival and will play a good card for the north. Kiiza will sound betray but he will end up alone this time the wave needs fresh Blood and he might throw his support behind you since he will see that there isn’t any miracle left for him.
    So Baba take it stop following Kamya’s Baits she is an adversary agent to keep you chewing on the huge tough chunks she is throwing at you while she is sharing the softies by the time you finish gnawing on them her belly will be Full.and a lot mud smeared in your face .time is crucial .
    The writing is on the wall but it must be from the grass roots and Your time has Come Now.
    alluta contnua.



    P.O. Box 3798
    TEL: +256-(0) 414-565345/6/7/9
    January 10, 2017:
    The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and President of the Republic of Uganda, HE Yoweri Museveni has made appointments, transfers, and promotions in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces as follows:
    1. Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, who has been the Chief of Defence Forces, has been seconded to the Government and appointed as Minister of State for Works.
    2. Maj Gen David Muhoozi, who has been the Commander Land Forces, is promoted to the rank of General and appointed Chief of Defence Forces.
    3. Maj Gen Wilson Mbadi, who has been the Joint Chief of Staff, is promoted to the rank of Lt Gen and appointed the Deputy Chief of Defence of Forces.
    4. Lt Gen Charles Angina, who has been the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, is appointed the Deputy Commander Operation Wealth Creation.
    5. Brig Peter Elwelu, who has been the 2nd Division Commander, is promoted to the rank of Maj Gen and appointed the Commander Land Forces.
    6. Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who has been the Commander Special Forces Command, is appointed Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations.
    7. Lt Col Don Nabaasa, who has been the Commander 1st Battalion of Special Forces Command, is promoted to the rank of Col and appointed the Acting Commander Special Forces Command.
    8. Maj Gen Sam Turyagenda, who has been the Commander Air Forces, is appointed Senior Presidential Advisor on Air Forces matters.
    9. Brig Charles Lwanga Lutaaya, who has been the Deputy Commander Air Forces, is promoted to the rank of Maj Gen and appointed Commander Air Forces.
    10. Brig Charles Otema, who has been the Chief of Logistics and Engineering, has been promoted to the rank of Maj Gen and appointed General Officer Commanding the Reserves.
    11. Brig Charles Bakahumura, who has been the Chief of Military Intelligence, is appointed the Chief of Logistics and Engineering.
    12. Lt Col Abel Kandoho, who has been a staff officer under the office of State Minister for Defence in charge of Veteran Affairs, is promoted to the rank of Col and appointed the Chief of Military Intelligence.
    13. Brig Sam Okiding, who until recently was the Contingent Commander of UPDF Forces in Somalia, is promoted to the rank of Maj Gen and remains substantive commander of Field Artillery Division that he commanded before going to Somalia.
    14. Brig Gavas Mugyenyi promoted to Maj Gen and remains in command of Air Defence Division.
    15. Maj Gen Nakibus Lakara, who has been the Deputy Commander Operation Wealth Creation, goes back to headquarters for redeployment soon.
    In the radio message for the transfers, appointments and promotions, the Commander-in-Chief thanked the above commanders for their contributions up to now and urged them to continue with their good services to the UPDF and the Country.
    PADDY ANKUNDA psc, (U)
    Lt Col


    Mwije mwena twombekye hamwe Nkore eya boona


    It shouldn't have been Winnie Byanyima

    Winnie should have done a thorough consultation on the bailing of Kanyamunyu or put someone else on the front rather than fronting herself. She has killed the entire Political career of KB which he has build for years. All activists, people in the North most of whom are KB supporters have really been disappointed.

    How many people have died because of Besigye? I am a practicing lawyer and I know Bail is a constitutional right, Kanyamunyu is entitled to Bail. But Winnie Byanyima the wife of Dr. Kiiza Besigye to come and be surety for Kanyamunyu, it is all over. The Political lines have been re-drawn. Besigye please when you are coming in the North come in an armored Vehicle”

    Hon. Odonga Otto




    Does it matter really or is it Necessary any more, FDC now is a spent force and has exhausted already its Defiance tactics and I don’t see any new stock or emerging powers to refill their spent bullets.
    Business disruptions which were so successful will now back fire after falling into Mwenda’s bait which prompted Kiiza to show off his achievements and success at his farms to prove he wasn’t a failure as Mwenda had implied.
    This brought big laments from a cross section of supporters who stupidly had neglected their business and those who faced constant closures of their business and suffered constant teargas in support of the defiance only to realise that Kiiza Business empires were instead flourishing.
    Police and army infiltration, has not been successful despite massive propaganda which indicated that there was huge voting of FDC in the army and police Rick marcher force dint even take off and ADF alliance in Congo suffered a terrible blow at home and Garamba as well as south Sudan with Bashir joining alliance with Kaguta despite long time enmity.
    Recent transfers in both police and the army will neutralize and weed out any Mbabazi and sejussa sympathizers.
    DIASPORA and world Bank pressure hasn’t yield much as remittances from Arab and Arab banks has surprisingly stepped in to cover that deficit.
    Apart from the American style withholding Somalia forces salaries which would have brought a mutiny to returning soldiers there hasn’t been much hullabaloo in that areas.
    Media announcing of Ansalems admission to Harvard university, frustrated all the new style strikes campaign whereby it depicted double standards of Closing local university while sending his abroad
    That can’t hold water any more.
    Media up roars and bimmeza out bursts are fully neutralized with Ofwono and Tamale Mirundi
    So why should the Govt go into Dialogues with a dead under organized party.
    KIIZA IS TRYING TO CHANGE THE FACE OF violent character to that of Gentleman which is the only score for the season, If the govt go into Dialogues it won’t help as Grass roots elections are about to be strengthened and it has to ensure that FDC is beaten flat on the ground otherwise if you go into Dialogues now It will be reviving it’s limping state to help it stand instead of completing the on assault.
    That’s why I don’t see the govt going into Dialogues with KB.
    KB should have called for revival of reunion with other parties
    That would bring up the steam for the ruling NRM party otherwise you don’t change winning strikers instead you reshuffle defenders and that’s the first option the govt will do with out going I to DIALOGUE.




    Winnie Byanyima Comedy!!

    See hooligans mbu they are crying…..Justice for Akena and or Kanyamunyu isn’t a tribal issue. I haven’t seen them cry thus as they are pretending here for the Bakonjo toddlers in mass graves…..At least they should have cried on account of Museveni consolidating military command in his own family….That because Winnie kisses Besigye, she should deny relatives? Can these lead a National Liberation?

    Jonathan Bonny Seruga Kwegamba nange byansobedde dda! ndabangaopposition ejjudeobusilu bwenyini! infact the African “politricks”is disgusting

    Zaituna Namutosi it is good you have come to know who he is

    Kuzarwagye Naomi For sure kyasuseko dda

    Novert M. Atuhairwe Lets get serious 4 once! ayiii


    Kimbowa Santos And you lie to yourself that her husband will bring the desired change u need?!!! Do u think your people can influence Besigye more than his wife?

    Sher Kaliba but Winnie is more related to M7 than besigye

    Kimbowa Santos Sher Kaliba no way. Who can be more related to u like a wife?

    Sher Kaliba let all concentrate on things that can help us feed our families, its what the winnie’s are doing best, “give us today our daily bread”

    Bazira Geoffrey Kakatandika butandisi. Eyes on the screen.

    Charles Lwanga Mujuzi Family Vs Politics. Just need to use sense of reason here..

    Kato Fisher Deo Thoze Are The Women We Have In Ug

    Latif Nsamba If kanyamunyu waz yo bro chrys, would you let him to be charged?

    Salongo John Jessiac its u who needs to reason. ..if Otto can cry like that for a neighbor in the village who stays 200km from his place..what makes u think Winnie has no right to be there for her own blood…?
    Personally l was so bitter about this killing.but bail is a legal right. .so guys reason with ur heads

    Denno Kats Latif Nsamba, Kanyamunyu was already charged with murder. Applying for bail doesn’t mean the case is closed.

    Rajab Mukasa Blood is thicker than water goes the saying

    Mugisha Joseph Blood is thicker,

    Kibirige Didas And shez neva been a surerity to the gusband al the times hez been arrested…. kakazi kaziibu

    Amanyabyoona Assumpta But if Kanyamunyu is her relative. Should Winnie leave her relative to rot in jail

    Sher Kaliba what about the husband

    Amanyabyoona Assumpta A relative remains a relative and nothing else

    Umar Ibn Khalid otto was muted from FDC

    Emma M Kintu first comment then.. .

    Sekandi Peter There is a Mix up here

    Jessiac Mujyarugamba winnie big mistake

    Agaba Andre M Blood is thicker. Otto is just being a boy because I am sure he would do the same for his son or daughter. He to also remember the Kanyamunyu is a prime suspect but not convicted. Let’s have some sense guys because I also hate murderers but can’t make things personal to such a level. The truth will come out and if it’s true, Kanyamunyu must pay for his crimes

    Felix Musinga Winnie Byanyima, like all respectable people will work according to her conscience. Kanyamunyu is her close relative who got in, not in political trouble but trouble with the law. Her conscious is that it is in order to support her family member so he can stand trial and benefit from any provisions of the law of the land. Kanyamunyu is innocent untill proven guilty. And even if he is proven guilty, he is entitled to benefits of a fair trial in establishing the magnitude of his guilt in order to give him a befitting sentence.

    Nsubuga Joseph Winnie byanyima has aright as any other Ugandan to bail out any of her relatives as long as she does it under the law Ugandans should learn the deffrences btn family and politics unless we stop this utter no sense of emotional politics museveni will lead no matter what

    Herbert Ajoki but honestly she should have looked any other strong personality than her self to safe the political struggle and support of Acholi pple…my question Winnie has no legal Assistant to provide her with legal expertise on this issue really????

    Felix Musinga No legal assistant can help you in a familly matter. Separate family matters from politics. And why are you talking of Acholi people as if it would have been ok if Akena the victim was from another region? It does not matter whether Akena was an Acholi. It could have been a Mugisu or a Muganda or even a Mufumbira. No Ugandan should be killed anf if killed, the law should take its course irrespective of tribe. What you need to know is that Kanyamunyu acted on his own as an individual and not on behalf of his tribe or even family. It is human for his family members to support him and ensure that he gets any benefits of a just trial and not mob justice based on tribal emotions.

    Okoth Oboth Stephen Hon Odonga Otto and Anywar should not bring in the name of Dr Kiiza bse Byanyima is above 18 years,highly educated & has a right to decide on what her conscious directs her to do.There is no way Dr Kiiza cannot stop Byanyima from saving her relatives though he is a political figure.

    Kabuye Najib Let the truth be told

    Alawhi Katalo Let’s not bring politics in this please we forget so fast

    Siwa Bulalu Dennis Just waiting for it to happen and I sign out of FDC

    Felix Musinga Did you sign into FDC? If so, what were the terms?

    Kakembo Sulaiman Haha why didn’t her husband(Besigye) stopped her.

    Felix Musinga Because it is a matter between herself and the law and her human rights. It is not a political matter as some people are erroneously thinking.

    Do Ryn This is heart breaking

    Kato Axam Lubega Col besigye as no hand in this so tebalina kwejusa supporting him

    Kabuye Najib But Hon Anywar was in Go foward

    Meddie K Kalungi I too regret voting for Besigye

    Muramuzi Samuel Some Times I Dought Peoples Integrity.

    Matovu Peter So wat

    Julee S.Nabukalu Tujeko enkwe gwe ozunga buzunzi

    Ocan Lameck This has drawn a line for fdc

    Daniel Oduttu Byanyima acted in her individual capacity to bail out a brother. No politics here.

    Edison TK Byanyima did it like any other Ugandan,it’s her right.

    Kibadawo Moses hw abt kife… he is also out on bail he was chgd wid treason is he more human dan kanyamunyu??????.emitwe giriwano!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Martin Bonyo Logi Issa Now that is very cheap and primitive of them! What has Dr Kiza Besigye got to do with that?!
    How many of our relatives were slaughtered by the UNLF which was up to 70% composed of Acholi and Langi and my parents still remained UPC and supporters of Obote?!
    Sorry but some guys need to grow up fast!
    A lot of you still support and vote NRM inspite of ……you know what!

    Araali Kahumuza It would have been cheap politocs if Otto was not a lawyer but embarrassing

    Daniel Batwala Abaganda kamuyige if kanyamunyu was amuganda no body could stand for him like what Winie z doing

    Daniel Batwala Hehehe ffemwetuli mu Uganda yaffe

    Joseph Sentongo Isn’t getting bail part of the justice system? Odonga Otto is just being sentimental, otherwise being a lawyer he should have known that Winnie has a right to stand surety for her nephew, unless if he read the law upside down. If he thinks she is unfit, he should have raised his objection in court and the presiding judge should be sensible enough to consider his objection. He is behaving like a lumpen.


    Joseph Sentongo Kaliba, you are entitled to your opinion but if you talk of morals, Kanyamunyu is Byanyima’s nephew so the way you would want justice for your relative is the way she wants justice for her nephew. i do not subscribe to your school of thought of negating people their rights if permitted by law. The trial hasn’t even started and you people behave like he has been acquitted. in fact you should have teamed up with Odonga Otto to raise your objection and support it with the relevant provisions of the law. your efforts are better served in getting the required evidence to secure a conviction than to deny a suspect who is presumed innocent until proven guilty, his right to bail and citizen Byanyima her right to stand as a surety.That sort of thoughtless activism is counter productive. By the way, i have just been reminded that Odonga Otto stood as a surety for Akbar Godi when he murdered his wife. The way he stood for Godi is the same way Winnie was standing for her nephew. He should stop his gallery politics. .

    Abdul Mustafa She is aunt for God’s sake

    Abdul Mustafa Nga Desh was given bail…nobody made noise..Is it because the victim was a no body?


    Tusingwire Obed kanyamunyu also need justice.

    Lukenge Moseys Gasuza Ul Soon Realize That Even Besigye Is Part Of The Nra Katemba, Gud That U Hav Noticed The Wife.

    Richard O Otim I think the likes of Otto and Anywar are the ones trying to gain Political capital out of Akena’s (R.l.P) death. The case has already been brought before the court. Much as courts at times make mistakes and release the guilty and convicts the innocent, its important to let court process to take its course and not intimidate others

    Akumu Pasquin U have made no point my dear

    Richard O Otim
    Richard O Otim My personal opinion. Not trying to score any point. I didn’t know you are awarding points.

    Maria Kaliba When you people decide to copy government styles from other peoples, do it well; AN OPPOSITION LEADER’S WIFE CANNOT STAND SURETY FOR A COLD BLOOD MURDERER!!! NEVER! WAKE UP LIKE YOU WOULD HAVE IF AKENA WAS YOUR BROTHER.

    Tusingwire Obed Au sure that kanyamunyu is akiller?

    Akumu Pasquin I strongly think so…kanyamunyu is a killer

    Araali Kahumuza But Otto is a lawyer, at this point he should know those people are applying for a constitutional right and Winnoe as an Auntie is there in her capacity, What’s more embarrassing is scaring KB to go in an armored car, He apparently warned Mbabazi before elections, what happened!!!!!!!

    Yuga Fred What would u expect ? Blood is thicker than water ……wait we will pay FDC in our own time of vote! Only if our current fdc mp can denounce it we will follow suite

    Oruk Charles Her being a surety is not a big deal to me but should the culprit disappear, then it will become a problem. We the citizen of Uganda must stop politicising every issue. I know that this government has divided us to the core but we must not also try to encourage it. What we should focus on is that Kanymumu comes to court as requested by the court. He is not free but only allowed bail as it can be granted to any Ugandan citizen. It is the responsibility of Winne Byenyima to make sure that he report to the court of law. The people of Akena’s should be worried about the court decision at the end of the court session but not Winne did today.

    Haji Mustafa Its good that you are thinking in right direction. These Mps cry foul and bias the public for the selfish interests.

    Yuga Fred Oruke i agree with u , yes he has right to that ,bt people don’t see the way u see things….that’s why i say its a political blunder

    Ochaki Andrew Apuuli Rip and my condolences to the farmily of the deceased but guys lets be realistic if kanyamunyu is a real auntie to Winie do you really see it wise to let him Rot in jail

    Prince Ali Nsubuga Blood and and politics its two different things

    Emmy Norman Did she block de conviction??

    Okodi Emmanuel Okay…we shall see

    Knows Moshi Ibrahim Blood Is big strong

    Ismail Rizik Bannange kikka, its terrible I just can’t stomach it but its only in Uganda where everything is possible.

    Tayebwa Rodger Soooo what.

    David Tabitya Am told Ugandans nolonger care at all

    Katungulu Fred She Is Los’g Her Reputation

    Havoc Cook Arbert Just learn to love your selves that’s the lesson ,The late Njuba said “kezala kekombelera” so if you’re wise now you can start to know where you belong .

    Tumwesigye Ronald You mean if your father murdered some one u would ignore standing surerity for him

    Olyv Knowels Am no longer into Uganda politics

    Paget Frederick Kintu You don’t believe that someone who has not been convicted by a court of law should be allowed to apply for bail and that their relatives should stand for them?

    Haji Mustafa Odonga otto says kanyumunyu and winnie beer-nyima, the wife of Doko Kiza Besigye😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Claire Lukoda How do we know both Byanyima n KB are not working for the same man?! So u want to convince us Besigye didn’t know of this bail plot?! God is unveiling all the the katemba so stop confusing the public with yo silly posts!

    Prince James Justice should do be allowed to play it’s role for God and my country


    Oxfam chief Winnie Byanyima confronted by late Akena’s relatives

    After the hearing of the bail application, relatives and some members of Parliament who included Odonga Otto (Aruu) and Beatrice Anywar (Woman Kitgum), protested Ms Byanyima’s decision to stand surety for the suspects.

    Ms Winnie Byanyima, the executive director of Oxfam International and wife of former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besgye on Tuesday had a rough time at Kampala High Court after relatives of the late child rights activist; Kenneth Akena who was killed last November at Lugogo, near Kampala protested her effort to stand surety for suspected killers.

    The standoff occurred moments after court adjourned to 5:00 pm today when it would decide on whether to grant bail or not to a Kampala businessman Mr Mathew Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Ms Cynthia Munwangari and his elder brother Joseph Kanyamunyu who are facing alleged charges of murder against the activist.

    After the hearing of the bail application, relatives and some members of Parliament who included Odonga Otto (Aruu) and Beatrice Anywar (Woman Kitgum), protested Ms Byanyima’s decision to stand surety for the suspects.

    The MPs said former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye “betrayed them” by sending his wife to stand surety for the accused.

    Ms Byanyima’s relatives and friends shielded her from the rowdy group as she walked to safety outside the courtroom.

    The accused presented eight sureties; mainly their relatives and in-laws. These included Hon. Winnie Byanyima, Ms Edith Byanyima, Ms Martha Byanyima among others as an assurance to court that they would not jump bail once it is granted to them.

    However, State Attorney Samalie Wakooli objected to the bail application, submitting that the trio’s lawyers failed to prove why they deserved the bond.

    She further objected to the letters of residence presented by the accused persons from their places of abode at Royal Palms Estate Butabika and Kiwafu B Zone in Makindye Division, saying there is no proof of permanent residence since they are just tenants who can shift to another location.


    The interim order came just a day before Parliament was scheduled to open investigations into the oil cash bonanza and after Mr Eric Sabiiti, a legal officer with the Electoral Commission, filed a petition in the Constitutional Court yesterday seeking an order to block any investigation into the oil cash bonanza.

    Jovial. Mr Eric Sabiiti (right) with one of his lawyers Robert Rutaro jubilate after the Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma granted them an interim order halting any inquiry into the disputed bonus payments.

    The Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma last evening issued an order stopping Parliament or any individual from investigating the Shs6b oil cash bonanza gifted out to 42 government officials for the role they purportedly played in the oil dispute between Uganda and Heritage Oil and Tullow Oil over capital gains tax.

    The interim order came just a day before Parliament was scheduled to open investigations into the oil cash bonanza and after Mr Eric Sabiiti, a legal officer with the Electoral Commission, filed a petition in the Constitutional Court yesterday seeking an order to block any investigation into the oil cash bonanza.

    “An interim order is hereby issued restraining Parliament, any person or authority from investigating, questioning or inquiring into the impugned bonus payments and or staying all proceedings of whatever nature if any which may be pending before …. arising from the impugned payments, until the main application No. 6 of 2017 has been heard and determined,” Justice Kavuma’s order reads in part.
    The order will remain in force until Mr Sabiiti’s petition challenging Parliament’s decision to investigate the cash-out is concluded in the court.

    Justice Kavuma ordered the registrar of the court to quickly fix the hearing date for the main petition in the next court session.

    During the short sitting last evening, the Attorney General who is the respondent in the matter was represented by Mr Geoffrey Madate. Mr Sabiiti was represented by Counsel Robert Rutaro from Candia & D.W. Oundo Advocates.
    Mr Sabiit in his petition contends that following the “Presidential handshake” for the said officials’ role in the oil tax dispute, the matter has attracted raging and unnecessary criticism including from MPs who vowed to inquire into the money with a motive to have the money recovered from the recipients.

    Mr Sabiiti, who claims to be a believer in the rule of law, says that for Parliament, any person or authority purporting to investigate into the decision by the Dictator as the head of the state, interferes with powers of the Executive arm of government.

    Mr Sabiiti is seeking “a declaration that the act of Parliament, any person or authority purporting to investigate, question or inquire into the decision by the Dictator as the head of state, fountain of honour to pay cash bonuses to government employees before the Auditor General audits such expenditure is an interference with the independence of the Auditor General which contravenes Articles 163 (6) and 2 of the Constitution,” reads part of Sabiiti’s petition.
    He says such an inquiry by Parliament or any person into the disputed payments should be declared null and void.

    Mr Sabiiti narrates what he calls the diligent work government officials from ministries of Justice, Energy and Finance alongside the Uganda Revenue Authority did which earned them the bonuses code-named “Presidential hand shake”
    He says that following a protracted litigation in the oil dispute in London, the winning technical team led by the then Attorney General met Dictator Museveni on May 17, 2015 to commend the team’s efforts.
    In response, the petitioner says Dictator Museveni at the meeting directed the Commissioner General of URA to propose a reward which was later set at Shs6b.

    Mr Sabiiti adds that after obtaining all the necessary approvals to withdraw the money from the Consolidated Fund from the Finance ministry, Auditor General, permanent secretary, Finance ministry as well as the Cabinet, the URA Commissioner General paid out Shs3.6b with the balance being withheld as tax and NSSF contributions.


    Uganda 6b oil bonanza theft

    The decisive arrangement to reward 42 government officials with Shs6b was hatched during a May 17, 2015 meeting between Dictator Yoweri Museveni and Ms Doris Akol.

    The decisive arrangement to reward 42 government officials with Shs6b was hatched during a May 17, 2015 meeting between President Museveni and Ms Doris Akol, the Commissioner General Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), correspondences that have emerged indicate.
    The documents were presented by a group of nine MPs led by the Usuk County MP, Mr Peter Ogwang, to the press.
    During the meeting at the President’s country home in Rwakitura in Kiruhura District, Ms Akol was directed by the President to recommend an “adequate reward” for the team that successfully represented Uganda in the Capital Gains Tax Case (CGT) against Heritage Oil and Gas.

    Following the meeting, Ms Akol, who, prior to that headed URA’s legal department that led the court battles against both Tullow and Heritage, wrote a letter on June 26, 2015 to the President recommending that Shs6b be gifted to the team, with Shs2.3b deducted as tax, leaving Shs3.642b as the net take home for the officials. Ms Akol was appointed URA Commissioner General in October 2014,
    In her letter, Ms Akol defended what she termed as the “philosophy behind the recommended reward”, that she referred to as the “presidential handshake”, arguing that the “reward will enable the beneficiaries to use the funds for something tangible.”

    “…the amount recommended as a reward is an amount that will enable the beneficiaries use the funds for something tangible i.e. to leave a legacy to remind them and their offspring of their contribution to the nation. For instance, the recommended amount could enable one to either acquire a decent plot of land, pay a deposit on a mortgage or perhaps facilitate finishes on a home,” Ms Akol wrote in her letter to the President.
    Ms Akol copied her letter to Finance minister Matia Kasaija, Energy minister Irene Muloni and the then Attorney General Fred Ruhindi. Mr Ruhindi and Mr Kasaija had just assumed office three months earlier following a mini-Cabinet reshuffle that year.

    “I believe it will be motivation sufficient for them to gallantly face future challenges and bring victory to our nation. The amount proposed contributes less than 1 per cent of the amount in the award and is less than 50 per cent of the costs awarded to government,” Ms Akol adds in her letter.

    Ms Akol followed her letter with a directive that the Shs6b be re-allocated from the URA tax refund budget to the URA expenditure budget to clear the beneficiaries, ordering that the re-allocation be treated as supplementary expenditure.
    “Since payment to the beneficiaries will be treated as an expense to URA, the additional funds for the expenditure from the re-allocation is also a supplementary budget to URA for which your ministry should treat as a supplementary,” Ms Akol wrote in a follow-up directive to the Finance minister dated May 5, 2016.
    Ms Akol’s letter set the process in motion as it was followed by a letter from Mr Museveni directing Mr Kasaija to pay the proposed Shs6b to the officials who had been variously involved in the Heritage Oil vs Uganda Capital Gains Tax (CGT) case.

    “As you are aware, the government of Uganda won a case against Heritage Oil Limited in London arbitration and was awarded $434m (about Shs1.5 trillion). I met with a team of officials that handled that case and they requested to be considered for a reward in appreciation of the work done. Given the amount of money that was recovered, it was agreed that the government pays them some money as a token of appreciation,” Mr Museveni wrote.
    He added: “I therefore direct that the team of 42 government officials be paid Shs6b. The applicable taxes should be deducted,” the President added.
    Insider sources, however, say more than 42 officials were paid.
    Mr Museveni’s letter was copied to the vice president, prime minister, Attorney General, Secretary to the Treasury and the Commissioner General, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).
    Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi tried in vain to push the payments to the 2016/17 FY, arguing that “supplementary funding is not feasible given that we have already hit the 3 per cent supplementary legal requirement for 2015/16 FY.” Mr Muhakanizi’s reservations were over-ruled by advise contained in a November 1, 2016 letter from the Auditor General, Mr John Muwanga, arguing that the Shs6b payment can be “post-audited.”
    Yesterday, Mr Muwanga told journalists at Parliament that he will conduct an audit in the Shs6b release.
    The Shs6b was subsequently wired to the accounts of the select 42 officials in August last year. The team led by Ms Akol, who had been designated as “accounting officer” for the money, then moved to categorise the officials into three groups—Core, Noncore and Support Staff—with the official in each group getting contribution on the basis of their involvement in the case.
    Sources familiar with the matter told this newspaper that in order to spread the risk in case of any, money was also wired to officials who were involved with the case at some point but had moved on to other responsibilities. Among these include the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) executive director Jennifer Musisi who received Sh121 million, the late former Finance permanent secretary Chris Kasami on whose account was reportedly wired Shs93 million and Shs242 million was wired to former URA commissioner general Allen Kagina, who assumed role of Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) executive director in May 2015.
    During the hatching of the plot spearheaded by URA, sources added, there was a lot of divided opinion on whether public servants should reward themselves and if it won’t be interpreted as “betraying the public”, but some officials [names withheld] pressed to be paid their “honorarium”, arguing there was no law against it, after all.
    One top official [names withheld], sources familiar with the matter, said in one of the meetings with peers, argued that “this was not going to be the greatest” nor “the first loss” to tax-payers, citing previous high profile corruption cases such as the Katosi Road scandal, which was making headlines at the time in which government was conned of Shs24 billion and will never be recovered, the Shs64b Office of the Prime Minister scandal and Shs165b pension scam.
    “That money is ours and was blessed by the President to be given to us,” the official reportedly said, according to our sources.
    The story, since becoming public, has stirred some back and forth frothing even within government circles, with no official willing to come out to comment on it publically. Several officials referred this newspaper to Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda for “further explanation” because the matter was actually authorised at Cabinet level.
    Dr Rugunda, did not pick up neither returned our calls nor responded to our message for two days, claiming he was in meetings.
    Former Attorney General Ruhindi, on Tuesday, said even before he was named for the office in March 2015, he found the plans for payout already in place and referred this newspaper to his predecessor, Mr Peter Nyombi, who was not readily available for comment.
    The MPs, who presented the documents yesterday, also demanded that the officials refund the money. The matter will come to Parliament when it re-convenes from the Christmas break next week on Tuesday.

    The tax case
    After Heritage, in August 2010, sold its 50 per cent interest in in Uganda’s oil fields (exploration blocks 1 and 3A in the Albertine Graben) at $1.5 billion (Shs5 trillion) to Tullow Uganda Ltd, yielding the first biggest windfall of the country’s nascent petroleum sector at the time, URA slapped a $404 million (Shs1.4 trilion) Capital Gains Tax on the transaction.
    The tax dispute became a protracted legal battle and different courts, including a Ugandan Tax Appeal Tribunal and a commercial court in London combined took four years to resolve it. A recent expose by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists showed that Heritage knew beforehand of the imminent tax liability weeks before it was officially imposed and contracted tax accountants and lawyers to fight it off as unwarranted and illegal.
    Heritage settled for two options: tackle the levy head-on and, on failing, move the business and assets to a tax haven with the professional help of lawyers and accountants. But because Tullow, as the buyer had yet to pay Heritage, government threatened not to renew its exploration licences, which were due to expire, unless it deducted and remitted the equivalent Capital Gains Tax.
    After a hard bargain, in April 2011, Tullow capitulated and sent to government $121 million (Shs403b), an equivalent of a 30 per cent threshold down payment, antecedent to filing of tax appeals under the country’s laws. The balance of $283 million (Shs943b) was deposited on an escrow account with Standard Chartered Bank in London, pending resolution of the tax dispute that ended in 2013.
    Another $30 million (Shs100b) was separately assessed on a $100 million that Heritage additionally paid Tullow Uganda Ltd as cash settlement arising from a breach of the companies’ Sharing and Production Agreement.
    Heriatge later opposed these tax payments as “collusion” between Tullow and the Ugandan government, resulting in the London case that Justice Burton on June 14, 2013, decided in Tullow’s favour.
    In another case, URA in June 2015 settled for $250m (Shs824b) from Tullow after three years of legal battles over Capital Gains Taxes when the latter sold 66.66 per cent of its stake to CNOOC and TOTAL for $2.9b, making it the largest transaction to date in Uganda’s history against the $142m that Tullow had been arguing was the right tax assessment.


    One top official [names withheld], sources familiar with the matter, said in one of the meetings with peers, argued that “this was not going to be the greatest” nor “the first loss” to tax payers, citing previous high profile corruption cases such as the Katosi Road scandal, which was making headlines at the time in which government was conned of Shs24 billion and will never be recovered, the Shs64b Office of the Prime Minister scandal and Shs165b pension scam.
    “That money is ours and was blessed by the President to be given to us,” the official reportedly said, according to our sources.

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