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    Uganda its time to realise that muhozizi project is in high gear . Dr besigye is now out of Uganda, MBABAZI also out of Uganda, Namboze is fighting with waragi bills, Nsereko is fighting with Besigye, Lukwago is fighting with kidandali, Ssemuju Uganda is fighting with police, Betty kamya is fighting with Jenifer musis, MUGISHA muntu is acoward comrade , munyagwa hahaha , ssegirinya is coward, Kabaziguruka is in prison , Bukenya is in farming, tvo is quit , John KATO has no weapons , kyalimpa Milton is just using apen , etc now don’t you think that muhozi is to become next president of Uganda whether we like or not? We shall see. Uganda is full of comedian politicians for God and my life plus family and friends.


    As Ugandan graduate ladies are busy photoshoping and making their hips look bigger, Chinese graduates are busy cultivating hectares of land which guarantee their income for the rest of the year of which after they will come and invest their money in Uganda and even employ these graduates in their shops. so graduates stop wasting your prime time in things that wont pay you



    As Ugandans we deeply feel with you, losing an election 4 times is not only A shame but its also a lifetime record disappointment in the History of this Country however it is you to blame.

    If people can recall from my past articles about you let me pull a few statements from them.

    1. Your too selfish, You work alone, You want the Credit as an Individual not as a Team. How can an ambitious 4 times Presidential Candidate, Aspirant and 15year old Political Party have 44 District without a representative on Constituency or MP aspirants? You need to leave roots behind if you want to grow higher lest you will continue experiencing the burden of miserably falling which I think you are used to by now.

    2. The worst mistake was for you to demand that you stand on the same podium to debate with Museveni, He came alone and went back with support from Supporters of y’all the 8 candidates. In addition, Dr. Besigye, we all know that you are a liar, How you allow to stand before the man you have always lied about? Well knowing that he will tell the truth and expose the lie in you?

    3. You couldn’t Threaten RDC’s and Civil Servants, Crime Preventers, Ministers etc of losing there Jobs and you expect them to have mercy for you. That was the biggest mistake of your campaign strategy, you need to learn to be selective and choice of the words you use, you need everyone in Elections thereafter you can do otherwise.

    4. You don’t put the Business Community on tentahooks because of your DEFIANCE, Greed for Power, Do or Die option and the Likes, people need hope, need assurance, need Security need stability, whoever threatens the above is an enemy of the State and the population find no Reason to have you.

    5. You have always concentrated in Urban areas where your support is guaranteed leaving Muse✔eni’s constituency uninterrupted, don’t you think you need to revise your strategy?

    You have always referred us to America and other developed countries, to copy certain things. We would also we wish to refer you to the same countries that when they win them in an election, they don’t demonstrate they accept defeat. Kindly follow the trend and we build our country don’t participate in breaking it.

    I don’t wish th at you should have won, because you didn’t deserve it. Ugandans want Hope not Violence.

    Yours Truly.
    Herbert B. Anderson


    When did it start this lady to buy food for Rtd col.Dr.Kizza Besigye …..l have smelt a rat……awali omukka…. After companies it’s police that rescued her from Winnie this tym i don’t know who will be near to calm the situation.



    Besigye should remember that amins oposition leaders lived in graves and drove on the backs in confines not in palaces and driving V8 land cruisers with flet of businesses. Besigye should remember that those in treason charges where kept in luzira during amins time not flying out to USA and Europe for personal business


    It’s only in Uganda that a person whose treason case is in court is given his passport to travel outside the country..this Drama shd stop. UGANDANS HAVE BEEN FOOLED ENOUGH.


    On 1st and 5th Mar 2007 Gen. Sejusa commanded the siege of the high court where suspects connected to Besigye ‘ s rebel activities were hindered from being released. On August 13th 2013 the public order management bill was passed in parliament headed by Hon. Amama Mbabazi. On 17th September 2013 while in exile in UK Gen. Sejusa wrote that Mbabazi had expired and was manipulating the president, government and NRM so he was the route cause of all problems affecting Uganda. On 30th November 2015 Gen. Sejusa suggests that population should support Mbabazi and Besigye.


    Brothers and sisters, now that the President is agreeable to dividing Kaseese into three more districts, one of the reasons being a population of over one million people, calling for division of Wakiso District/City into four districts/ cities , is more justifiable.
    Wakiso is over two million people and each city will have a minimum of 500,000 residents as the policy for city has been when a town reaches 500,000 people, which is now reduced to 350,000 which no municipality has reached it. Mbarara Municipality is 250,000 and others like Jinja, Mbale, Gulu, Arua, Fort Portral and Masaka are around and less than 100,000.
    The proposed Wakiso cities include Entebbe covering Makindye Ssaabagabo Municipality which is 300,000, Busiro South which is 230,000 and Entebbe Municipality ; Wakiso City covering Busiro East which is almost 600,000 covering Kyengera Town Council which is 200,000, Wakiso Sub County which is 210,000, Wakiso Town Council, and Mende Sub County; Nabweru City covering Nansana Municipality and Busiro North which is over 500,000; Kira City covering Kira Municipality and Kasangati Town Council which is almost 600,000.
    It is our prayer that Wakiso District Chairperson Matia Lwanga Bwanika drops the personal overwhelming ambition of being the first Mayor of Wakiso City ever since the president promised us a city status at Kyengera during presidential election, and embraces the noble idea of having more than one city mayor, and our District Woman MP Hon. Rose Mary Nnasubuga Ssenninde who also doubles as State Minister for Primary Education, joins a struggle where we should have more than one woman MP.
    Lastly, a regional government for Rwenzoori covering present day Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts, and another for Tooro covering Kabarole, Kamwenge and Kyenjojo districts, should also be considered.



    One of these days, am going to pack my bags and leave this nation…
    I cant stand the hypocritical nature of our politicians.
    So Madam BETTY NAMBOOZE, With all the misfortunes in this country,
    Hunger, unemployment, mudslides, accidents, povert, name it, u want to recall Parliament to discuss a man who lives in a 3 star home both in kasanganti and rukungiri, drives a V8, owns a petrol station etc
    Naye banange…
    The opposition in uganda disappoints so much.
    My prayer to God is that you dont even collect 10 signatures.
    This us so unfair.
    The opposition is so selfish, too self-centered, myopic, hypocritical, personal gain seekers etc etc.


    Last month Uganda’s parliament had to close down for almost two weeks because both the Speaker and her deputy had led a group of Members of Parliament and other government officials to the USA to attend the annual Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention. UNAA is a community based organisation of Ugandans living in North America. It is a platform founded in 1988 that brings together Ugandans for purposes of knowing each other, networking, sharing and experiencing Ugandan culture and abundant opportunities available both in North America and Uganda. As a community outreach initiative, it affords Ugandans an opportunity to interact with fellow Ugandans in the diaspora. Initially, those Ugandans would converge annually for socializing and merry making but with time it evolves into what came to be known as the Annual Convention. Its objectives have also evilced over time to include discussing business opportunities and political developments in Uganda. There the annual convention has business and political forums at the sidelines of the main event.

    Over the almost four decades of political and economic turbulences in Uganda, many Ugandans have settled in Europe and North America. Among them are refugees, settled Ugandan citizens and economic immigrants. When Museveni was fighting his bush war against the then government in the early 1980s, he had a powerful External Wing comprised of Ugandans based outside Uganda mostly as refugees. This External Wing played a major role in mobilizing resources for the fighters on the ground from Ugandans based outside, foreign governments, international organisations, politically and economically powerful individuals etc. Though after taking over power, Museveni has for selfish reasons tended to downplay the role of the External Wing, he is very mindful of the potential of Ugandans based outside the country to influence the political landscape in Uganda. When he took over power in 1986, the diaspora was awash with a vibrant exile community of Ugandans who did not approve his military take over. These exiles were mostly the Baganda aligned to the defunct pro-Buganda fighting groups, UFM and FEDEMO, former army officers, government officials and politicians of the ousted Obote II and the short lived Okello junta. Generally, it was mostly people originating from the Northern, Northeastern and Buganda regions who were concentrated in North America and Europe. Those of the Iddi Amin regime were concentrated in the Sudan and Congo. Indeed, these exiles became very active in supporting the insurgencies that cropped up immediately after he took over power.

    In this regard Museveni moved very first to establish an intelligence outfit that would keep a close eye on these diaspora based Ugandans. He put in place the External Security Organisation (ESO) in 1987 whose role is to monitor the activities of Ugandan citizens based abroad who posed a security threat, monitoring all foreigners coming to Uganda, foreign companies and NGOs operating in Uganda, etc. Because majority of the Ugandans in the diaspora opposed to Museveni and based abroad at the time were mostly those hailing from Buganda, Northern and Northeastern regions, most of the Director Generals, Directors and heads of departments in ESO have been hailing from those regions. The likes of David Pulkol, Maku Angofulu Igga, Emmy Alio, Gen. Oketcho, Masolo, and the current Director General, Joseph Ochwet are all from those presumed hostile regions. Initially the pioneer Director Generals like Amama Mbabazi and Kahinda Otafiire tenure of office had handled the UPCs from western region – Among Bazira was assassinated in Nairobi while a number of others were lured back and manipulated into inactivity. However, for the usual ethnic considerations when it came to luring Gen. Ssejusa back to Uganda, Kuseceni had to use Janet Anyone and her team who have since then been incorporated into ESO where they are causing friction. Military Intelligence (CMI) has also been involves in external intelligence operations like luring renegade exiled soldiers, and kidnap of those bases in neighboring countries. Even Internal Security organisation (ISO) has been involved in external intelligence operations like was the case with the insurgents based in South Sudan where the likes of Philip Idro from Moyo district, Fred Tolit (CMI) from Acholi and Taban Amin (Deputy Director of ISO) from West Nile took charge of the insurgents in Congo and Sudan.

    These Ugandans in the diaspora have over the years formed strong associations for socializing and networking. In North America there is UNAA and its breakaway factions of UNAA Causes, Tabamiruka, Gwangamujje, Banyakigezi; in Europe there is the likes of UK Uganda Convention, the Acholis Kachoke Madit, Langis Lango Assaciation; in the Nordics there is the Nordic Ugandans bases in Sweden. These strong communities that greatly contribute to the Uganda’s economy through huge financial remittances have the potential to influence opinion in host countries and back home in Uganda. Mindful of this potential, the Museveni regime has over the years infiltrated these associations and made attempts to disorganise them prompting rumour mongering, mad sliding, swindling of funds, prompting splits. In some instances the Museveni regime has influenced the leadership of such associations. The Museveni regime had over the years been contributing US$ 20,000 annually towards the UNAA annual convention until recently when it increased it to US$ 100,000. The Museveni sponsored UNAA voting pattern has also succeeded in discarding the old guards from leadership positions in preference for the more youthful office bearers in recent years. With a total population of about 120,000 Ugandans in North America alone, the annual attendance of only about 1,000 delegates (the regime delegates from Kampala inclusive) is a clear testimony that a big majority of Ugandans in North America have no interest in UNAA. However, being the an organised grouping, the regime does not take chances in paying attention to its existence.

    It is against this background that during the recently concluded UNAA convention where even the leading opposition leader Dr. Besigye was invited, the Museceni regime had to suspend parliament and spent billions to the tax payer’s money to enable the Speaker and her Deputy to lead a strong delegation to the same convention. In the same respect when a US based Ugandan refugee, Alfred Olango 38 was recently shot dead by the police in San Diego, California, neither the Uganda government nor UNAA came up to demand for an explanation from the US government. Instead it was the US State Department Officials who out of courtesy tendered a letter of condolence to the Uganda Embassy in Washington regarding the same death. To the Museveni regime, the deceased was one enemy gone because it treats some people from certain regions of Uganda who reside in the diaspora as enemies of the state and more especially that he was a refugee. Diaspora social networking groups like Ugandans At-Heart (UAH) and Diaspora Power Ten (D/P10) as subversive.

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