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    While address his fellow ‘pan-africanists’ (what ever that means anymore), the self styled professor (am not really certain he is a real professor) Kajabago KaRusoke stated that all African kings are stupid. Being a ‘wise man’, he saved his best dish for Buganda Kabakas, apparently, all of them that is since Ssekabaka Kintu I are a bunch of stupid people.

    Now seeing that the man believes he is a ”professor” and he wants us to believe it, this would leave us wondering, what really prompted the self styled professor to make such a statement?

    Apparently , his beef is with Buganda’s signing of the 1900 Buganda Agreement with Great Britain. Now the reader has to be reminded that this agreement was signed between Consul Johnston and Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II’s regents Mw. Stanislus Mugwanya, Mw.Appollo Kaggwa and Mw. Kisingiri. Ultimately, the agreement made Buganda a protectorate of the British Empire.

    Now here is why I think KaRusoke is the stupid one. To determine his stupidity, let us first look at the circumstances leading to the agreement. then we shall weigh the benefits of the agreement vis-a-vis the losses made.

    Circumstances leading to agreement;

    Buganda had just exited a tough and extremely damaging period of a succession of three wars including Ssekabaka Kalema’s ill premature ascension to the throne, the Buganda religious wars and Ssekabaka Mwanga’s two wars the last of which led to his exile and Chwa II’s ascension to the throne. In essence, the kingdom was on the brink of famine, a serious depression and could obviously never muster not the courage but the resources nor the army to fight on the British let alone defeat them.

    Any more resistance against the white men juggernaut was risking the total annihilation of the kingdom, tribe and culture just ask the West African sovereigns of the same period. Precisely, the agreement was the only way to keep their kingdom intact despite the fact that bits Buganda’s sovereignty were being chipped away.

    So for you Mr. KaRusoke to even call that decision stupid makes us either doubt your credentials as a lecturer of Political Science at the National Leadership Institute or it simply cements our (the doubts and nay-sayers) view that NALI is simply a political tool used to extend the silly tendencies of this regime and that is has obviously long surpassed its usefulness to this nation.

    No wonder that is where our erstwhile “brilliant” NRM MPs (tongue-in-cheek) are taken for indoctrination and you are one of their primary instructors!

    Any political infant would know that it was foolhardy to resist British influence at the time. Besides, through that deal, Buganda was able to forge a status higher than her neighbours which gave it the charisma to load it over them until 1966 (just ask Eastern Uganda about Semei Kakungulu) Furthermore, Buganda was able to ignite and up to this day maintain a headstart over other regions in terms of trade, education, diplomacy, investment, infrastructure development, cultural preservation, harmonious tribal assimilation / existence etc etc all because of the vision of three men and an infant king who are now being labelled stupid by ‘some-one’.

    Now you decide dear reader where the stupidity truly lays.

    Bwanika Juma


    Some Ugandans are from Mars!
    So Kayihura is doing a great Job Torturing some other Ugandans ….Most Ugandans do not want him to go to Court for his Crimes????
    When it is your turn to be Beaten or Killed , Do not expect us being tortured now to Cry for you!!!


    President Museveni’s visit to a health centre at Nakawuka in Wakiso district last week and his subsequent order to suspend medical personnel there for absenteeism and negligence has been the big story of the week.
    Burahya MP Margaret Muhanga’s fraudulent acquisition of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) land is the only news story that has rivaled Nakawuka. The common denominator in both stories is ‘His Excellency’ the president, as I will illustrate later.
    This year, parliament adopted a 411-page report on findings of the auditor general compiled by the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) which I had the privilege to chair for two and a half years up to May 2016. The public broadcaster (UBC) appears from page 324 to 337.
    UBC was created by an act of parliament in 2005, which merged Uganda Television (UTV) and Radio Uganda. This corporation inherited a lot of property, including land. Its land included 23.2 acres on Farady Road in Bugolobi, 49 acres (divided into 19 plots) on Kibira road in Industrial Area, 7.3 acres in Naguru, 15 acres along Pallisa road in Mbale, 375 acres in Pallisa and 7.5 acres in Ntinda near Ntinda View school.
    Sincerely, I don’t know why our past leaders acquired a lot of land for public institutions but I credit them for that. Public institutions are the biggest landlords in Kampala and elsewhere. The reason I have given you this background is to help you understand the methods of work of this regime and the past leaders.
    Ms Maria Kiwanuka, the proprietor of Radio One, controversially acquired over one acre of the UBC land in Naguru, constructed a mast there and she is renting it out. All this information is in the Cosase report adopted by parliament.
    This controversial 23 acres that Muhanga bought at Shs 10 billion she realized from the sale of goats, chicken and maize was first offered to a Kenyan firm called Pinnacle Projects Limited. This firm entered a joint venture with UBC to construct 100 residential houses for sale. UBC would be given $7.56m (Shs 25.3bn) for the value of its land and $5.5m (Shs 18.4bn) from the sale of houses.
    Instead of constructing the houses, the Kenyan firm sold the land to Hassan Basajjabalaba’s company called HABA which also sold it to another company called Deo and Sons, I think belonging to Gordon Twinamasiko. Eventually, MP Muhanga sold her goats and chicken and bought the land.
    Muhanga and Mary Karooro are also beneficiaries of two acres of land belonging to UBC that were given to them by the president under their company Extreme Innovations Ltd. The land given to Muhanga and Karooro was part of the 49 acres of UBC land located on Kibira road in Industrial Area.
    This time, Muhanga didn’t sell chicken to acquire the land; it was donated to her and she immediately sold it to Sino East Africa. And this has been the story of public institutions. UBC is now without capital to develop and realize its full potential. It is almost a shell after undergoing comprehensive asset-stripping.
    And it is not the only victim. Uganda Railways, Uganda Hotels, Uganda Police Force, KCCA, and Shimoni Demonstration School have all lost properties. Government almost owned the whole of Kololo and Nakasero, but all houses there were shared by our dear liberators. These fellows have systematically looted our country.
    Anyway, away from that, the sacking of medical personnel and handover of the facility to UPDF to temporarily manage it is the issue. This drama started by/with the lady called Dr Diana Atwine. She is one of the so-called State House girls. Her boss created the Health Monitoring Unit at his residence and asked her to head it.
    She is officially given Shs 40 million per month to drive around health facilities and compile ‘reports’ for him. Mind you, the ministry of health has a whole department called quality control, responsible for inspection and monitoring. There are also health inspectors in all the 112 districts; I think they are now approaching 130!
    There are also statutory bodies such as those for dental and medical, allied health professionals, and midwifery and nurses. Dr Atwine of State House has a bigger budget than the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council. This council, responsible for inspecting nurses and midwives across the country, is given Shs 150 million a whole year.
    And the same has befallen the military. One day, the commander in chief told a sitting of the High Command packed with generals that until his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba compiled him a report, he didn’t know that his army was suffering.
    And the ministries of agriculture and finance have failed to create wealth; so, he has appointed his brother, Gen Salim Saleh, to command wealth creation operations!
    The universal primary and secondary education project is also not working; so, he has appointed his wife to sort it out. Mind you, all these hard workers have the president’s hotline and can deliver.
    Karimojong MPs once claimed that Janet Kataha’s budget was bigger than the budget of her Karamoja ministry. She always flew in a chopper and tens of vehicles were always on standby to drive her around the region. The fuel that both Dr Atwine and Museveni burnt going to Nakawuka is what the medical personnel needed to be happy and serve their clients.


    After the zombie wandera kazibwe killed her husband whom she abandoned on his death bed in hospital and ran to museveni ,
    This is the price by which kazibwe sold her pussy to museveni ,
    3.5 billion which is a third of the total UPE budget for her PHD abroad ,
    Billions meant for valley dam projects ,
    4 billion AU campaign fund which she spent in hotels and make up ,
    Museveni’s donations to her of land , five star mansions and VIP Jeeps etc.
    This love breaks record , no man has ever been foolishly extravagant on his lover like museveni on kazibwe ,
    Really , Kazibwe’s pussy must not only be sweet , but charmed !!!!!!


    Naye abasajja bano bamanyira. . . . This goon has the audacity to even pose with this ugly son of his….naye one day ekyakwatta obudde kijjabutta.My son Canary and I at our family ranch where goats and cows that fetch billions are reared… All those complaining about the source of my sister Margaret’s money, behind you is the answer. Andrew Mwenda.

    Herbert Oketcho Mr. Mwenda those sticks look to be the ones police procured as an alternative for tear gas. They too could have brought in a billion or slightly more.

    Allan Godfrey Kasujja Naye Andrew mwenda yemu ku mbuzi zebatunda

    Salongo John Mwenda next time intercept ur brain as it trys to exchange positions with ur behind..coz the out come ant good for u and public

    Faruq Shuaib I have realised that insanity does not guarantee one to be naked or dirty……m9 is a case study

    Phesto Proudfoot Tituss Baasoma nyoooo nebawungaa

    Musinguzi Abdul I don’t think Mwenda can fool any ov us who hv been following events as they unfold, I cannot even listen to his analysis ov events or even buy a copy of his Independent magazine coz he lost direction long time ago. Basket!!

    Whre are the goats and cows stop fooling people so andrew when they bought u they also took yr understanding capicity eh eh

    sreal Angura “Empty tin’s make a lot of…….” if your family is innocent why struggle to vindicate your selves take the books of account to Parliament other than posing on other people’s farms trying to justify theft of Uganda and.

    Kiyonga Hassan Cd he pliz show us d samples of the cows

    Umar Tama You are trying to console you self , muli babbi ensi yonna yabategedde,aggo wekubba makonsole chali wange🙄😂😂😃

    Nakayima Flavia Where are the Cows and Goats.
    We only see Canary and Grassland

    Mugisha Anthony The Fruits of thuggery will soon get to yo doorstep.Unprecendented thugery of Muhanga and Mwenda,iz too disturbing.The heavenz wont just look on,wait to laugh at helples Ugandanz man!



    Kakati nolaba endongo eno mbu is also professor. Aba professor of what?
    Quoted from the insider this fool said all African kings were equally stupid because they were colonized. He singled out Buganda kings for signing THE 1900 Agreement. This empty headed expired useless creature, cannot even remember that No any king of Buganda Signed That Famous Agreement. It was signed on behalf of the king by the regents after forcing king mwanga into exile and later killing him. Mutesa I I was sent into exile for refusing to sign forced agreement.
    By the way can this dude prove, that if these kings had not signed anything agreement with the whites, their countries wouldn’t have been colonized?
    Him and the person who never went to school who is stupid?
    Anyone who knows this idiot please send my msg to him.


    I’m still struggling to figure out who the real stupid one is; the accused here or the author?!
    Kabaka Mwanga and Edward Muteesa II forced to exile before 1900 Buganda agreement?!
    I think I’m also stupid, for giving this post my time!
    OK BYE!


    Gen kale kayihura has just held a press briefing announcing that he has never participated in the brutal act against Col kizza besigyes supporters because he has been a strong supporter of besigye and to show his love for besigye he has decided to join him and promote the defiance campaign……………………..

    Naye banange did Besigye actually look back to see what was happening to his “supporters ” and is he actually the one filled the case against the police? If not, then fellow Ugandans we deserve better than that man? How do know whether he actually planned that? I saw images of huge crowds in Mbarara and Kabale but no police touched any of them. Why do these things only happen in Kampala? Follow and support that man but not blindly. The one of the reasons you got formal education is to empower you to have an independent mind. Anyway I hope so!

    Today in court, there appeared a group that seemed coordinated to cause chaos in the court, when IGP Kale Kayihura was expected to appear. Our cameras tracked this group and closely followed their activities.
    The question is, who are these people?

    A plot to assassinate the people’s president Dr. Besigye was thwarted at the last minute, after a tip from inside intelligence and the good doctor’s life was saved.The plot was orchestrated by Kale Kayihura and he sent to Makindye court people pretending to be ordinary citizens protesting his court appearance, but among them were over 13 people who were armed with concealed weapons, and they were to create a fracas during which Dr. Besigye was to be shot in the head, amid a volley of tear gas..AFTER GETTING THE INTELLINGENCE ON THIS PLOT,DR, BESIGYE DECIDED NOT TO COME TO MAKINDYE.THE INTELLIGENGE SUGGESTS KAYIHURA HAD NO OTHER REGIME OFFICIAL IN THIS PLOT.



    Our leaders never end to contradict themselves! MPig Betty Nambiizi Bakireke a former banana leaves seller is advocating for legislation of alcohol consumption in Uganda, but recently at the burial of a DP Councillor Regina Ndagire in Mukono she bought through her son kisawuzi cartons of buvera warragi to a group of youths and told them to insult and abuse the division Chairman Kakembo who didn’t support her in the recent general elections.



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