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    After a head shave I looked at myself in the Mirror and I can now confidently say…..Nkomyewo ku luguudo…..Now I want to know who is proposing land reforms that are meant to facilitate land grabbing ahead of the construction of the oil pipeline? Mp Bakireke Nambooze‎

    This Mp Bakireke Nambooze‎  is one of the many useless member of the Uganda political class, that puts tribalism before Uganda. With such people running the Uganda political circus, Uganda will continue to be a joke.


    Nga Bba wa Zuena asaba M7 awaane concert ye.
    Ebigambo byona M7 byeyayogera Bebe yeyabiwandiika nga mwemuli nokwetonda olwobutabbawo ku concert eyo😂😂
    And The news Writes “M7 ENDORSED BEBE COOL”
    Tukimanyi fena nti concert yalimu politics, ela nga NRM yeyaliyo bebalina sente ezitabamenya.
    Naye ffe abanyi sente bwemenya nga 15 oct tuli Busabaala. Concert yomuntu wabulijjo.


    I don’t feel sorry to say that our Bagandas are so fuckedup, will never emancipate from their ancestor’s slavery, will always serve their bosses and will always be used like condoms🙎,

    See look at ssebagala,bukenya,nakiwala,betty kamya, look at how they’re using Jenifah musisi, Tamale mirundi and many more Bagandas,our people are always used and after their skills ruined, they’re dropped and look for other bagandas to use, and this hasn’t just started, it happened even in 80s when someone betrayed His platform…..🙉, but tell wether you ever had someone from Ankole’s superiority used




    The events at Makindye court today have disappointed me immensely. The rule of law in Uganda has collapsed.

    But there is something else.

    Watching from here, the message I get is that Kayihura is proving that he is more popular and indeed more powerful than Museveni. And Museveni has noted that.

    Now what that tells of Kayihura’s future fate is not difficult to guess.

    M7 cannot let anyone mobilise people to support him in that way like Kayihura has done. Never mind what you think. Mind what M7 thinks now. Kayihura is the real threat. He can bring any number of kifesi and bayaaye on the street, and overthrow Museveni because he has the money to do so.

    In NRM, it is only Kayihura who can overthrow Museveni and Museveni has known it very clearly now.

    The show, I believe is just beginning.



    He he ..Several times, Tvo exhibits unprofessionalism, is why evry one on social media should treat him as a character representing given frustrated political group and surely a Facebook classified writer.These kind of writers defile proffessional code of ethics (truth en facts is not a thing for them),lack a sense of responsibility/direction and are here to exhibit futile interests of given frustrated political groups.

    They can only be good on comedy scripts perhaps.
    Even those fighting for IGP are frustrated ofcos,their good leader (IGP) is being harassed by rival gps,why would thy stay deaf or dumb with such a scenario.

    I wish to ask TVO to avoid exhibiting his personal attitude,taking sides in his self orchestrated articles so that all of us can somehow treat with seriousness his jots.

    Keep monitoring his write ups,you will always see that.
    @observation.Do not take it personal man!




    The first observation; if someone files a case in the courts of law against you and in one way or the other you believe it is a stupid case or it lacks merit, do you need a lawyer to represent you or you simply organize people to demonstrate on your behalf? Isn’t this copying the law of mob justice? Simply run to nearest offices of lawyers Mr. Kale Kayihura or represent yourself because you’re a lawyer too.

    Lawyers and you, know the best you can do instead of embarking on defiance like Dr. Kiiza Besigye. Can we also say that you’re taken over by that Besigye rhetoric? But again, we need to move on and face the skirmishes which happened.

    On 9th and 10th August 2016, The Investigator News reported these outrageous arrangements of people demonstrating in favor of prohibiting Kayihura’s grand arrival in the dock of the Makindye court where he has been summoned to answer charges of police brutality to Ugandans.

    It was surprising to find out that those who were demonstrating that Kayihura is a great police officer therefore needs not to face the judge were boda-boda cyclists (Boda-boda 2010) organized by one self-imposed leader of them; Mr. Abdullah Kitatta. He’s also the chairman of NRMO, Rubaga division. The police has secured their so-called peaceful demonstrations even though they were beating up and vandalizing those they deemed not in support of their cause.

    Just as they arrived at the parliament (on 9th August 2016), and caused the blockade of all entrances to the parliament building; for the first time the police’s reaction to them was much more lenient simply because their case was of their own boss. It’s a kind of tit for tat in just a few minutes that there emerged another opposing side arguing that let Kayihura face the law. Indeed like what you expect of the two rowdy groups of boda-boda cyclists, fighting ensued. In that scenario the police still looked on as the two combatants started throwing punches to each other. In that case one might expect the police to calm them down even though they were at the scene but it looked like the parliamentary journalists were the ones to give a listening ear to them and to calm them down.

    A serious question here is that; why the police looked on?  How come that they allowed them to get to the parliament without the usual ‘public order management act as they do to the many opposition demonstrations?? Is the POMA so selective in operation to some Ugandans or some people are immune to it? Ugandans will always seek answers to the deaf ears of the police and government. Even though “a listening ear can be a running mouth”; the gravity at which the government and police isn’t listening nurses much more disconnect

    As a twist in events over the same case, three of the people who were beaten have withdrawn to offer their evidence over the matter. What a contradiction! But before you blame any of them, you can ask whether this is money offered to them or simply they are honestly not interested in the case yet they were beaten? It’s our problem on this based on the fact that Ugandans from all walks of life condemned the Uganda police officers who executed the beating. It dents their own honest state of mind or what we watched on the television was’nt real or simply dramatized. Anyway, they are Ugandans, who have their rights and freedom protected by the same police. We can therefore move on without thinking otherwise.

    The heist to take the Inspector general of police to court is now a point of discussion. Of the proponents of law and order in the society, they find that the best way to solve the police brutality because Kale isn’t above the law. Taking him to the courts of law is justice served to either implicate or exonerate him of the charges. It puts the mindset of many Ugandans to rest that no one is above the law and besides that, it’s almost a weak case now based on the fact that the people who were beaten are unwilling to offer the evidence or pin him and his men in the dock.

    That therefore affirms that he can get to Makindye simply for a show off of might than the expected justice to be delivered to Ugandans. If he does’nt go there, then it creates the guilty consciousness to him as perceived by Ugandans. But, like I always observe that Ugandans forget in a short while, that will soon be forgotten just like the Aine case of the recent times when he came out personally to offer a bounty of 20 million shillings. The guy surfaced and nothing has been done up to date yet he beat up people on camera. With that on hold, one police chief, Baguma has been summoned by the DPP, Mr. Chibita to appear in court over the allegations that he was part of the Pine proprietor, Ssebufu who’s rotting in Luzira over the death by beating his then client for failing to pay her debt of nine million shillings. That alone puts the police in a wrong impression to the people they claim to protect and serve.

    You can also look at another example where the police acted in an unlawful manner. Afande Mwesigye of the infamous journalist beating which left one WBS TV reporter nearly dead that up to now; he’s no longer able to fend for his family or even his own survival. He’s in a life threatening position and soon he will be relieved of his duties at WBS TV while Mwesigye is happily swinging around town like any other normal person after just a little caution and transfer.

    Such occurrences clearly show the negative imperative and mistrust of the police by the people and even the mere truth that they are supposed to keep law and order. Yes, the police have always walked away with the national and indeed the international corruption trophy putting Uganda to such corruption limelight but these series of beating up of people while many shamelessly fail to get to face the law, one day of regime change, any serious government will put these specific personalities to justice. There must be at least some small documentation of these shameful atrocities to citizens.

    Yesterday, (10th August 2016) indeed demonstrations ensued and this time round more brutal even to the lawyers. Counsel Abudallah Kiwanuka together with Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago were whisked away from the rowdy Kayihura supporters by the same police which allowed them in. It was also observed that even in Mbarara, people in support of him were also rioting. Those in Makindye were invoked a lot of powers by insanely beating up even fellow citizens in the name of calling them that they do not support their cause.

    It was shocking to further observe how the POMA was used by the police in regard to those who were in support of their own. For the first time, it looked more ambiguous than ever as Kayihura was missing in the dock. The dilemma it creates is that now one needs to overstay or die in power so as to evade such court battles. What if another government takes over, won’t these cases bounce back? If this is the promised protect and serve, then we better think again over what exactly the police would be in the future. We might start beating each other like what happened at the parliament and Makindye yet the case is about the brutal police. What an irony of fighting brutality with violence or the same. Too much sickening are the events that ensued the last 24 hours.


    We have been looking at unemployment and let’s break it into pieces for you. About 84% based on politicians of the youth today are unemployed.

    In real terms, that percentage is between 35 to 60%. That figure is quite huge and so frustrating to an economy where the government is much wishful of leaping into the second class by 2020. Before thinking of that, the government needs to avert the situation otherwise it will be like a few people getting into such economic statistics while the many are languishing in absolute poverty.

    The national budget is 60% funded by internal and external debts and you dream of improving the economy; that year mentioned is just three years away. Let’s clearly look at unemployment for now.

    There are three classes of youth unemployment in Uganda. This is the most difficult aspect in solving this problem with or without the current government, the problem still thrives. Let’s classify these into categories, i.e., educated class, the school dropouts and the illiterates. These are an embodiment of today’s unemployment and needs to be looked at critically.

    The unemployed educated class consists of 15% of the total number. This category consists of a great number of those with passed degrees and those fighting retakes at universities. What many people fail to understand in this is that 5% of the 15% are actually trading deceit to their parents and guardians that they actually got their papers from “Nasser Road University”, therefore when talking to their illiterate and trustworthy parents, they confirm to them how they graduated but there are no jobs.

    The other category of those with the genuine second class lower or diplomas again they are also against leaving Kampala to work upcountry. You can find many of them studied courses like agriculture or even information technology but searches for jobs in Kampala alone yet there are many opportunities in other parts of the country.

    I remember when one professor told us that get me a person who graduated with a first class and is still searching for a job that I get him one. He argued that, instead of learning, we simply waste our time in Wandegeya, Nakulabye and other parts neighboring Makerere. That’s therefore, one indicator that if you check properly these numbers, you find mediocrities over reality.

    The second unemployed class is that of the dropouts. This comprises of 25% of the city dwellers that are searching for jobs. This category surprisingly is comprised of those who dropped out from primary, junior and senior secondary as well as those from higher institutions of learning. To integrate these into a working class is even troublesome to the government or the private sector. They haven’t qualified in anything. They’re bound to cause all the disasters of unemployment in the country and in this way, these are a constant to Uganda and many African countries.

    The last and biggest category is the illiterates but so eager to do anything to survive in Kampala. They do everything from wheelbarrow pushing, hawking merchandise and many have moved to boda-boda or chapatti-making. KCCA and its executive director, Mrs. Jennifer Musisi has steadily led to the increase in number of these people. Since the market vendors, hawkers, UTODA operators and others were made officially unemployed as they were chased from where they were operating from; the number of the unemployed since then increased. KCCA had tried to build markets like Sauli yako, USAFI, and Wandegeya but this has just catered for again a few people who are known to the same KCCA people. Apart from the rent being higher together with the market dues, the people (those who used to be market vendors) have been placed in areas were no clients get to. Wandegeya market for example, has no parking space for the would-be clients to those who might have taken on the market stalls. The dilemma of unemployed therefore rages on as there are no solutions.

    Many people are living in underemployment with jobs worthy peanuts salaries. Most of those employed almost earn the same salary as a ‘boda-boda cyclist or a wheelbarrow pusher’. It sounds like a joke but that’s the truth. A boda man earns between 25,000 and 40,000 a day and he works 26 days in a month other than a bank employee who earns between 25,000 and 30,000 a day and in less than 26 days. Logically a boda man earns between 750,000 and 1.3 million shillings a month without NSSF, taxes and he lives in a house worthy 100,000 shillings.

    For a banker earning a million and above has to pay NSSF, taxes, a car loan, resides in a house worthy 350,000 per month and in general he pays the losses incurred during his work especially when unscrupulous bank customers. I have seen many boda men improve their standards of living steadily unlike those with white collar jobs. For teachers, it’s even worse and there’s no comparison even to a market vendor or a hawker. Those in less paying executive jobs even end up organizing wedding and marriage meetings which again thrive on donations and in the end of the day, divorce ensured as they fail to live in the expected rosy and fancy marriages.

    Tribalism and sectarianism in both private and public sectors is another factor here. Another weird incentive trending in Uganda today is the case of tribalism. Many people hate talking about this reality in the employment sector but the more we fail to discuss, the more our society is getting divided. Currently, a person can just mention his name and obviously you see a change in language. In some ministries, the language of communication has changed when handling meetings and at the end of the day, some people have been forced to at least understand one language from the western part of the country.

    The same perspective has even made appearances in the private simply because that loop-sided and imbalanced development has made those from western Uganda to have the startup capital and therefore create jobs where they employ again their tribesmen men. Look at the companies being economically bailed out and ask the people Mr. Bitature employs. Two-thirds of them are from his tribe. The many government offices are doing the same and they advertise for the already given jobs therefore it’s just for formality.

    If you doubt that, kindly check on the list of those offered employment in UNRA or URA. This sets the imbalance in economic development but again it’s historical. Gone are the days when the “O” names were embroiled in every sector and it has taken over 30 years for the westerners to do the same mistake. Uganda is for all of us and we bear that nationality; thus if we’re to look at solving unemployment let’s consider that as well.

    Even with the education system, there are lesser problems in it but those who go to better schools end up heading to best universities and of course securing the better jobs as well. The cycle continues even in the case of that university district quota system of each district. Many government officials have manipulated it to their benefit yet it was supposed to help the poor but intelligent Ugandans. If the poor make it on the quota system, they are in turn given or offered un-marketable courses like Bachelor of Arts in arts, developmental studies, psychology, education, music, dance and drama and among others. These courses produce 100% job seekers instead of job creators. These are the many you find in Kampala searching for jobs while their parents and guardians look up to them for any economic change and a shift in the dependency ratio rages on in a cyclical manner.

    Solutions to unemployment

    Of course these are the most probable because the government is known to have serious documentations but when it comes to practice it’s another case altogether. They do different things and never implement anything. Money can be given to minister when he or she has fallen sick but that money to save a certain useful project for a community will always be missing; therefore let’s just hint on a few suggested solutions.

    The youth must be divided into groups and such groups funded in projects that can help them. The educated but have no work can be absorbed in the different districts which badly need their skills. Many of the youth especially the school dropouts should get into agriculture. There are some agricultural ventures which need such manpower not only in the central region but also in the other parts of the country.

    The Uganda Development Bank (UDB) which has been a talk of the government for the last 2 years should be operational so as Ugandans access low-interest loans. Such loans can aid many into financing their small-scale businesses instead of the crafty and treacherous commercial banks. The general imperative should be classifying the youth and see what they urgently need.

    Away from the government, parents and guardians must take up their respective responsibilities. Many of the youth are so misguided that they end up into ventures they would have averted at hand. Many parents force their children to take up courses of their choice not exactly what the children’s interests lies. Many students have always confessed the fact that they’re pursuing certain courses because their fathers’ forced them into them.

    Because one’s father is a famous medical doctor, he thinks remotely of his son to be the same. They end up finishing the studies and embarking on other things of their interests. Some fail while a few succeed. It’s therefore of great importance that the parents and guardians need to listen to their children instead of imposing their dictatorial tendencies. We as usual give you the articulated news and insights in life and move your mindset to the next level. In this column, the next analysis will be Universal Primary Education – UPE.


    The chance of getting a job in the present Uganda when not connected is a thing of the past.

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