Author: Free Uganda

Tanzania Multimedia production set

This is a continuation from designing a Tanzania Multimedia production set-this set when in full production,it will feature an advanced video-music and film production studio for Tanzanian Artists. Though, this is not the finished product, but  its a good idea to show-case the idea..see it as a raw multimedia sketch. Its those nations in Africa that practice proper democracy and are safe for creative people that will benefit-those countries with oppressive governments and a culture of corruption will definitely lose out big-time. Unlike in Uganda and Rwanda were creativity becomes a crime, in Tanzania in-spite of minimal funding from...

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Uganda Social Struggles abused by the Elite class

In Our Uganda Social Struggles, we have three type of People mainly from the elite class: the consumer of Information, the User of Information and the creator of Information. Today, most Ugandans are consumers of information-they wake up and surf the web looking for what various news outlets have reported,etc. without bothering to read over and understand why that information was written and its objective. Its a known fact -reading twice what was written is better than just reading it once. Some might call it a waste of time, but responding to a written piece that has been read once,...

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The Uganda Political Parties with Empty Stomaches

The truth that Free Uganda has been saying about the Uganda political parties for many years as being parasites. Has now been supported by a retired Uganda Supreme Court judge. It has become a very embarrassing phenomenon, but almost all political ambitions target the above mentioned objectives. In the 1960s, many members of the Opposition defected to the then powerful UPC for no apparent reason other than to fill their empty stomaches. Following the overthrow of the Constitution and abolition of kingdoms in Uganda, many former members of the Opposition, including those who had been staunch supporters of the...

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